Wyze Lock Auto-unlock not working

It works perfectly for both my wife and myself. Be sure your phone bluetooth is on, be sure to leave the geofence area and then return, be sure you don’t have the app open to the lock screen, sometimes we wait for few seconds or more before it unlocks but usually by the time we get out of our car and walk to the front door. We have a Wyze Lock on our front door into our kitchen and on the door from our Garage into the Kitchen which is just 3 feet from the front door. They both auto unlock almost simultaneously. We also have a keypad for each lock just in case the auto unlock were to fail (hasn’t happened in a long long time). Hope this helps.

Thanks for trying to help, but I’ve tried everything you suggest and everything anybody could possibly think of. It doesn’t work

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I would say you have a defective unit then. Wyze should swap it AND the hub out for you.

Thanks all for your help - I got it to to work. And not only is it working for me it’s working for 2 of the 3 people in my household - all on Android. Still having problems getting it to work on IOS. I deleted the device (the lock, not the gateway) and reinstalled it. Worked great that day but the next day I lost the connection again (slash through cloud icon). Deleted again and reinstalled. That time it took and it’s been working ever since - about a week now. Was almost going to return it but happy with how it works now.

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Auto-unlock has gone back to 100% failure rate for me. Been this way for a few weeks now. I’m not sure if it has anything to do w/ installing the keypad, but that shouldn’t matter.

How is it working for everyone else right now?

About half the time for myself and two authorized users. I guess I should be disappointed, but it took a huge effort, days to get this to work at all, so I’m happy when it unlocks half the time.

So i have had the lock for about a month and the auto unlock feature is hit or miss. Work sometimes and other times it just fails. However, one thing i noticed is that it appears to be limited in the number of bluetooth connections. I have five people going in and out all day. If my phone connects and works, it will ocntinue to work until someone else has theres connect. I’m getting the impression that the lock only allows two connections at any one time and needs to connect to another phone to drop off the other person. i thought it worked when the phone is ont he same network, but i am noticing that network connection does not seem to make a difference. This is a hypothesis based on my usage. I am curious if those that have failures if there are multiple people sharing the lock?