Wyze Lock Auto-unlock not working

I would bet $100 that if you uninstall everything and start over (make sure to tell your phone to forget the bluetooth pairing) your auto unlock will no longer work.

Unfortunately you would be out $100. I’ve tried three phones, 2 android 1 apple. fully uninstalled the lock and reinstalled, fully uninstalled and reinstalled the beta app, tried the original app, changed addresses, and have had a brand new unit sent out and still having the issue. It would work intermittently for a week and then stop all together.

Oh, trust me I agree the lock has major problems, even when everything is done correctly. But since you mentioned it, I just wanted to point out in case you weren’t aware that it likely wouldn’t work from your car anyway.

My auto unlock on 2 doors work perfectly every time for both myself and my wife. Samsung S8 and Note 10+. 2 locks on 1 gateway. Both locks unlock almost simultaneously. We keep our phones in our pocket… I use an Alexa routine to announce “Door Unlocked” on my phone so that I don’t have to guess when it unlocks… 95% of the time before I get to the door, 5% might have to wait up to 5-10 seconds after getting to the door.

dont forget to reset and reinstall the LOCK GATEWAY,that controls communication to lock.

once you do that calibrate the lock etc.
good luck!

Same for us, no issues for a few months now.
We have Moto X4 and Pixel 3a , both use stock android and seem to work with most things well.

I am using The beta app and all updates current

We’re using the vanilla app firmware :+1:

v2.12.35 app

same firmware but app is 2.12.33 beta

Dear Wyze Developers is anyone working on this???

Sorry, I’ve searched and searched and can’t find an answer. On the app home screen, what does the cloud with the slash through it mean on the right side of the screen across from the door lock icon. Is this the reason my auto unlock doesn’t work? Should the lock be paired with my phone? It’s listed as an “available device” not a paired device. It won’t pair when clicked on. Is this the reason my auto unlock doesn’t work?

dont forget you need the gateway setup and updated for the lock to function,
bluetooth needs to be active on device,
if not working try another phone to make sure where the issue you have is.

uninstall all apps and reinstall from new.

on what ?
the lock works if setup correctly with a recent phone for far more than not., android anyhow! A specific question or issue would help address what ever your issue is .

I’ve tried on my Galaxy Note 10 Plus and my Iphone 7 with no luck. But my main question was- on the app home screen, on the right side of the lock icon, what is the cloud with the slash through it represent?

That icon means it is offline, for some reason it has lost a connection

check your gateway device and reinstall it etc.

We’ve all done all of that. We’ve uninstalled and reinstalled software, reset and setup hardware, tried with multiple modern, popular phones. Auto unlock does not work.

And by the way, it shouldn’t be this hard. A product ready for market should just work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying my wyze lock. I’ll enjoy it even more once they fix auto unlock.

One solution would be for wyze to make the lock available to IFTTT as they have for other wyze devices.

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I’ve done all those things. Auto unlock doesn’t work.

Have you had Wyze send you a new one , maybe that one is bad.

I agree things should work ,
and forgive me for saying so mine does and it did do as it should. it just worked as it was supposed and has been for a long while.
I think far more do work than do not work so I would be trying to see how or why the one that is not working differs from others.

My self I actually would buy another just to test it out, I am not saying you should ,
but that is how I troubleshoot things mostly.
Multiple devices to compare test and use different parameters etc .

take care and good luck