Wyze Lock Auto-unlock not working

is anyone else not having the auto unlock work at all? location sharing is set to always, correct geofencing is in place. it does connect to bluetooth when i get close enough. but never auto unlocks.

on a second note, i wish it didnt do just geofencing to unlock, i wish it was smart enough to use a combo of geofencing to know when ive actually left and come back and then actually unlock when im close enough to my door.


It does use a combination of geofencing and Bluetooth. For it to auto-unlock you will need to be outside the geofenced area and enter it, when you have entered the geofenced area it will look for you to establish a bluetooth connection therefore allowing the lock to know you are approaching.

It will not work just by taking a few steps outside and coming back towards the door, you need to leave the geofenced area.


i have, been all over town today and had to use the app each time to unlock the door


Ok, from your first post I figured you had not left the geofence area. I would double check the settings and if that does not change anything it may be time to get support involved

@Jason21271, I had the same thing happen this morning. I used a rule to lock the door 10 minutes after I closed the door (testing automation). I was gone a couple of hours 35 miles away. When I got home I walked right up to the door and it was still locked.

BT was connected as far as I could tell. Auto-unlock is active. The geofence is set. I guess I’ll contact Support and see if they have a solution.


Just wanted to add a me too to the discussion.
Today was the first I was able to test auto unlock by leaving the geofence and when I got back home it didn’t unlock the door. I actually held the phone in my hand watching the lock in the app as I walked up to the door and stood outside the door for a bit to see if it would unlock before finally having to click the unlock button.


same here, samsung s8 and auto unlock is not working. Left the house for a few hours, 50 miles away, upon returning no auto unlock

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I didn’t change any settings from yesterday when it didn’t work, but tonight auto unlock worked perfectly. We went out to the store and when came home the lock opened without taking the phone out of my pocket. Cool stuff as long as it’s working!
IOS by the way

Worked for me every time I’ve left and come back home with zero issues. Hope you guys get yours up, and working.

anyone installed wyze lock and try auto-unlock? mine won’t unlock automatically

Same issue here

I don’t feel so alone I’m going nuts trying to figure out what the problem is. I think it has something to do with my Bluetooth. The little indicator seems gray

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Okay this is what I found out. I took a very long walk outside my Geo fence for about 30 minutes. I restarted my phone and check the app. The little Bluetooth icon that I was referring to that was Gray actually looked like a Wi-Fi icon, the Bluetooth symbol had disappeared. As I walked closer to my front door I noticed the Wi-Fi icon change to the Bluetooth icon which was curious because I didn’t believe my Bluetooth was connecting. I stood outside my front door about three feet away and within about 20 seconds the auto unlock worked. So apparently it’s working and I just wasn’t giving any of that time. I’m guessing it’s going to take the same amount of time next time.
My phone is a note 9, my lock gateway is plugged into a power strip on the back side of my computer in front of a sliding glass window facing the entrance of my apartment. My lock is approximately 5 feet from the gateway. So there’s no obstructions and the computer is off so I don’t believe there’s any interference so my question is could this delay in the lock operation be attributed to the previously mentioned the wyze cloud service in previous therds?

That’s a possibility. I can say that the last two days I’ve had occasional notification delays from Wyze sense devices. For the most part there isn’t any delay and all works well, but tonight for example I had about a minute and a half delay on a door notification from a contact sensor. The light that turns on with a motion sensor turned on immediately as it should, but notification from a contact sensor in the same room at the same time took roughly 1 1/2 minutes

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I’ve left the house multiple times now and every time I come back it works like a charm.

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I’ve really only tried twice so far. It’s running 50/50, but I have a couple of things to do and once the streets are cleared off I can do more testing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice I’m about to leave for a couple hours test it again, I have no doubt it’ll work again flawlessly.

I randomly have had it start to work now the last two days. Let’s see if when I get home tonight, it goes 3/3!

For those on Android, I found a way to test auto unlock from within the geofence. I used a app called fake gps to set my location outside the geofence, made sure the lock was locked, BT was on, then turned off the fake gps, unlocks every time.

I’ve used this app in the past for similar testing. It does require developer options to be enabled in system settings. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lexa.fakegps


I’ve gotten auto unlock to work twice. Since then I’ve gone to work miles away and it’s not worked every day