Wyze Lock auto unlock less than half the time

Is anyone having issues with the Wyze lock not Auto Unlocking? The lock works as expected for the locking but unlocking is working less than half of the time. I replaced an August Pro lock that NEVER unlocked for the 2 years that I had it no matter what I did. So when Wyze said they were coming out with one I ordered it. The first few days it unlocked as expected then it started to only work part of the time. I have done everything support told me to do plus re-calibrated it at least 1/2 dozen times (it keeps telling me to). This is beyond frustrating and defeats the reason I bought it.

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Nope. Exactly the opposite. My Auto Unlock’s whenever it wants. Middle of the night. Morning. Several times a day. Sometimes right after I lock it back.

If your running android do you have battery optimization off for the wyze app and Google play services? Also are location settings set to improve accuracy in the system settings?

Apple. iPhone 8+. It was even auto unlocking with it set to OFF.

I have tried to find out how to improve accuracy but not finding it.

On Android, go to settings, location, make sure location is on, also below that it will say improve accuracy, if you click on that there are two more selection you can turn on to help improve it.

Not sure if this is a phone specific setting and not sure if it will help but I have my S9 general battery setting set to optimized.

I’ll see if that makes a difference.

Please report back if that helps. I’m curious to see if phones are shutting down/putting to sleep necessary processes (Bluetooth and location) in the background to try and extend the phones battery life.

I know I’m on Àpple but I use my Lutron app about 1/2 as much as my Wyze app and it’s using more battery. So Lutron must cobble up info.

Wyze app is using about 6% of my battery. Normally it should be less but I end up unessarily opening the app to test various things. I don’t normally have auto unlock on so not sure how much that would add.

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I tried it today and it worked. I will see what happens tonight when I get home and report. Thank you.


I think it might be good now. It has opened the last 3 times.

Thank you for the help.


Glad to hear. Maybe keep an eye on your phone battery. I see some users report higher than normal battery drain which may be a side effect.

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I will.

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On my phone’s bluetooth, I see nothing for the wyze lock …nothing to pair to, that is. How exactly does the phone pair to the lock’s bluetooth, and what is the lock’s bluetooth ID?

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I can’t Remember exactly how the wyze representative worded it but the Bluetooth is kind of a passive Bluetooth it only pops up when you’re near the door. It’s not like headphones or something like that is always there for you to see. There’s a post where he explains it but I can’t find it

That’s why you see sometimes some of the things are grayed out and you can’t adjust them it’s because you’re not within Bluetooth range

It uses BLE, this will passively connect in the background, a bit more info is located below


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See I was close I know it was passive Bluetooth something. Lol