Wyze Lock-Apple Watch App

I installed my lock last week and I am absolutely loving it! I would love to see an app for Apple Watch added, so if I was ever locked out of my house without my phone I would be able to unlock my front door from my watch.

Thanks for another great product!


Don’t forgot about us android watch users too! I would also like to see an app for the Samsung galaxy active 2 that runs the Tizen OS.


Great idea, think about Samsung GearFit watches also.


I was thinking the other day that it would be awesome to be able to unlock my door with my smart watch. I often forget my phone but hardly ever forget my watch.

I am not sure about all of the watches mentioned but I would think that hitting Googles Watch OS and Appes Watch OS would cover the majority of Wyze customers.


YESSSSS, can we please get this!! @WyzeGwendolyn is lock still officially in EA and it’s too early to add this to the wishlist forum?

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The lock is still officially in EA and will be until it goes on sale for everyone, the last I heard that was expected to be sometime in February but that wasn’t set in stone.


Yes, Wyze Lock topics are still for the EA area of the forum only. Though this would be cool! :slight_smile:

Would love a WearOS app, so that I can unlock / lock the door from my wrist.

Don’t forget about Samsung Gear watches!

How about my 1963 Timex Mercury Dress Watch? It takes a licken and keeps on ticken!

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apple watch app to unlock the door would be the best

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Yes! I too would love this feature, apologies but I don’t need another band around my arm (Wyze Band) Just a Wyze Apple watch app that allows me to unlock my door just incase I forget my keys and phone. Also auto unlock that uses my watch location would be Aaaaamazing.