Wyze lock and rechargeable batteries

Does anyone have issues with the wyze lock and rechargeable batteries? I put in fully charged double A’s in about a week ago and the app is prompting for them to be changed. They are amazon basic brand.

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They are not recommended…try the Energizer Ultimate Lithium and you will see an immediate difference. :slight_smile:

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Saw in another post that most rechargeables operate at 1.2v instead of 1.5v which is why it causes issues. After a bit of searching the only rechargeable lithium battery i could find with decent reviews was Tenavolts AA on amazon for $34 for 4 batteries and a charger. A bit pricey but still beats throwing away single use batteries.

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I installed rechargeable batteries about two weeks ago, and they’re saying they are at 20%.

Guess it’s time to purchase Energizer Lithiums… I hope those last.

Same problem with my rechargeable batteries. Have you tried the Tenavolts batteries?

I’m still having “recalibration” problems with my Wyze lock!

Our lock was installed between our garage and our entrance, but it often (every few days) doesn’t lock, which is a problem! If we rely on a smart lock to lock our doors, and it leaves our door open all night, this is not a good thing!
We can I get the beta software? Does it address this issue???
Thank you in advance.