Wyze lock and google home integration

Why is it that the Outdoor cam is expected to have google assistant Integration soon and the Lock has been supposed to have it “soon” for 7+ Months… Wyze I have been waiting for the lock to get google home integration since it came out because that is a serious advantage I wanted it to come with and without it I am getting frustrated because it defiantly said “coming soon” and still says that … I would have never purchased the lock without it. How soon… it’s been 7 months.

I’ve wanted this too!
They are working on it. It looks like it coming soon…

It says Q3 which means hopefully by end of September we should be hearing more (we normally see things at the end of the promise window). I am also really looking forward to this (thought it had it when purchased, so my confusion), yet I will say that integrating WCO was probably easier because it is ‘just another camera’ whereas the lock is something new.
Even so, can @WyzeGwendolyn or someone get us an update? Will this be in Beta testing soon?

I’ll check with @WyzeJonathan. I don’t have info on this yet.


Eagerly anticipating the arrival of the integration.

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@WyzeGwendolyn Were you able to get an update on this with @WyzeJonathan ? Really looking forward to that integration with GH. thank you!


Sorry for my delay! We don’t have an update on this yet but we’re still planning on the integration happening.

Yes it would be fantastic to have Google home integration your product is definitely more robust than August but without Google home integration it’s something I probably won’t invest too heavily in

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Any update on the matter? Appreciate it if you can share any information. Thanks in advance!

I’m sorry, there isn’t an update on this yet. But I’ll poke the team about it again. :slight_smile:


A Wyze Lock is definitely on my Christmas wish list if there’s a Google Home integration. I’d also love to know if this is a native integration within the Google Home app where I could lock/unlock via the app or if it’s simply a Google Assistant/voice integration.

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We’re working on the Google integration now! But I don’t have a lot of details about it yet. I know that it will be voice activated. I suspect you’ll also be able to use it in the app but I can’t swear to that yet.