Wyze Lock: Add group option for locks and lock gateways

It would be nice and quick/easy wish list item to do. Please add a grouping option for locks and lock gateways. My wyze home screen is getting cluttered.


[Mod Edit] Edited title for clear wording

Can we get a new device group, but this time for door locks? I have multiple locks and gateways…would love to be able to group them as needed. My OCD is killing me seeing everything super organized and labeled properly, and then a bunch of locks and gateways.

Might be a simple addition Wyze team!!

EDIT: didn’t realize this was already proposed. I can’t imagine this would be difficult to do?

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Currently you can group a number of products but not locks. Please add the ability to group locks in the app.

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@CyberDude777 If I get 2 or more Wyze Locks, do I use just 1 of the plug-in gateways in a central location of the home, or will I need to plug in all the gateways and place them as close to each lock as possible? I’m also curious if I get 2 keypads, can each keypad to open any of my 2 or more Wyze locks (with a different PIN code for each lock)?

I need this too! Actually, you might want to add user defined groups so we can have different devices in one group.

I also need sub-groups; e.g. “Living Room”, under a bulb group.

+1 for this request. Specifically, within the Wyze app I would like to group my Wyze Locks and Lock Gateways.

Surely this is not that hard to do! Can you please always release the Group functionality when adding new devices. I still think it would be far better to let the user define their own groups and place whatever devices they want it (e.g. Group (Basement) = (Lock+Light+Plug)).

Please can someone from Wyze get this done asap?