Wyze Light Strip: The Ultimate Set-your-vibe Light - 7/13/21

I was able to set the color on a color bulb within a motion detected rule.

Is this what you are looking to do? I just updated to the prod version 2.22.21 today.

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cool find. v1 pan black? v2 pan? black mini orb of mystery?

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If you go to the website, most of this is very easy to figure out.

Like most of the light strips on Amazon, this includes a power supply that plugs into a standard outlet. The Wyze configuration shows the typical power supply, that uses a connector to the controller. The controller has the typical wiring that has built on connectors for the light strip to connect with.

I’d assume the connector contains the wifi integration. The details state this integrates with Alexa, like their other wifi devices do.

What is not clear is if the strip connects like the bulbs do, which it might.

The price point is top of the range. Very few strips come close to the number of abilities these offer.

I need to go back and see what the lumens are.

I’d like to know what the advanced lighting effects capabilities are for the pro strips.


Please be careful guessing how this will work. Keep in mind, to connect the strip to the controller the strip has a connector on the end.

You would need another power supply, another controller, and a connector. I’ve seen bridges that allow strips to be cut and rejoined for corners. A few can be joined/extended. The problem there is the power from the controller can only support so many LEDs continuously.

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Hi Isaiah. I read the FAQ prior to my post and would argue it does not address (out of liability concerns, probably) how to use these lights outdoors. Indeed it says indoor use only, but my point is given the epoxy protection, the creative users of Wyze devices can probably help me figure out what the actual physical (not legal) weak spot is of this device and how one could use it outdoors despite the boilerplate statement about indoor use.

Anyone? My guess is the power supply connection is what needs protection from the elements, and maybe the connector to the strip as well.

It does not address how to use them outdoors, because it says they are “indoor-use only.”

Is Wyze Light Strip weatherproof?

No, both Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro are meant for indoor-use only.

I want to add that, these are very generic strips that come from several resources in China. I have a epoxy covered strip. I’d expect the double sided tape to fail in extreme cold or heat. The connectors are actually very tight and probably would not be affected by water. In theory one could find a way to extend the micro USB from the power supply to the controller. That being said, the strips will slowly peel away because of the tape. Your choice

Lighting effects are needed for wyze color bulbs too

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Got one each but… :yawning_face:

So you bought 4 total? How do you plan to use them? I know I want to use a 16 foot Pro for under cabinet lighting. But, I’m looking for ideas for other uses.

One each of standard and pro, the long ones. Not sure just yet. I may replace some of my older back lights with these. My kids already have their rooms wrapped in light strips, im sure ill find a use of some sort.

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I’m on that version of the application. But still on the old rules engine.

@isaiah58 @steve
I found where Wyze Mike talks about the possibility of selling power adapters separately in the future to be able to use the cut-off sections. Skip to the 56:00 mark in the video they did on Instagram where he addresses this issue. Here is a link to it:

This is the transcript:

Wyze Kenny: One other question as well is just on the Power Adapters. Are those sold separately for people who want to cut the strips?

WYZE MIKE: Yeah Good question, so NOT YET, but I also want to give a shout out to our beta testers for raising this issue and also giving us another idea, so we are working on some accessories for Wyze Light strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro that might be helpful. Expect more info on that a little bit later. It’s still early. Again, I’m working with the Beta Testers on that.

So, not yet, but it is something they are looking into offering.

I noticed that on the supplier’s site too, so I checked it out a few weeks ago, wondering the same things. That black pan cam looking thing is apparently a [Xiaomi] Hualai Xiaofang Dual Lens (Xiaomi is another one of this supplier’s main clients, so Wyze and Xiaomi have a few similar products they both adopt from this supplier).


It seems like it was a fairly cool camera. From what I can tell, it would show 4 directions at the same time (360 degrees simultaneously). It seems to have had 2 cameras on the front, and 2 on the back, angled slightly differently so you could see 4 directions at the same time (see 4 windows on your screen at the same time).


It supports VR mode too (put your phone in some special headgear and look around the room in VR).

That Camera has been out since at least November 2018, and Wyze still never copied it, so I don’t think they will at this point. I think it is one of the few items from this supplier that we will never see with Wyze. Who knows though…but after some research (when I noticed it like you did) I mostly decided it was not a likely Wyze adoption…I was confident the light strips would be adopted though! :slight_smile:

Still, if Wyze did offer one of these 360-degree cams, I’d probably buy a few, especially if they were weather resistant. I’d stick one in the middle of my back yard, and maybe one in the middle of my front yard. That would be awesome to cover all directions at once. No Panning would even be needed.

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WOW, you hit it on the head. I knew they use primarily a Chinese supplier but now it looks like the AI detection and storage might be there as well which does not look good.
You have no idea what security standards this company has.

Yes, but you will need to cut it in the middle of the copper sections that say 12V, DIN/DOUT and GND. You will then need to carefully remove the epoxy coating around the copper in order to make a connection. You will need to either make a custom connection with wires by either soldering or mechanical connection. There may be connector kits available elsewhere that will work for this too. I have done this with other brands of LED lights that are epoxy coated. It takes a little bit of time but can be done to make that custom look you want.

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I understand the intention. Lets be clear, anyone can purchase a generic LED light strip. Then via either clip-on connectors or soldering, connect a connector for the power to be delivered through. It’s a huge customization business. Delivering the power is easy. The complicated part is adding a controller between the power supply and the connector… if you need one. This is where the brains live, and for 120v outlets the power converter is needed.

So, selling a new plug is not going to accomplish anything. In reality, it is more economical to purchase a full kit if you need more lighting. For extra long strips, purchase them as they come with the necessary converter that provides the required amps that the LEDs will require.

As for Wyze Light Strip, now we add to the controller the wifi, the brains to change colors, the code to allow the App or Alexa to communicate. If this does not come with a remote, then you will need the App/Alexa to control the Strip.

My plan is to use the 16 foot Pro version as under cabinet lighting. But I want them to be bright! As any “older” user know “brighter is better!” :smiley:

My cabinets are only about 9 feet long in length. So it took a little creative thinking to figure out a way to be able to use to whole 16 feet, My challenge is I have a 3 foot space in the cabinet over the sink, which is a peninsula. But, if I run the strip on the INSIDE of the cabinets then I can go up and over the sink and still get the far end of the counter.

I plan to use rules to control the lighting at night. But I will use a motion sensor to bring them to full brightness when I am working at the counter. I hope it works the way I want.

This… me too. I want to be able to fully change it to ANY color I want (I’m looking at you Wyze Color Bulbs!)… waiting on that rules engine… always waiting.

I want full sensor/motion support with rules/triggers/shortcuts.

I even plan on getting out my Mousetrap board game and to figure out a way to make the lights turn on…

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Yet another new product from Wyze that will have little to no customer tech support. Still can’t get them to fix the V2 Camera recording pink flash issue!