Wyze Light Strip: The Ultimate Set-your-vibe Light - 7/13/21

I was looking for an alternative to the Philips Hue lightstrips I am using in my kitchen but the plug in power adapters make placing these hard.

Not suitable for under cabinet lighting for this reason. Nowhere to plug them in and be able to hide a cord. Also, you would need one for each section of cabinets (same problem with the Philips ones).

I had them install outlets on top of my cabinets and run a power cable down to underneath. This way the power adapter is mounted underneath the cabinet but plugged in on top.
In the case of the wyze lightstrip, if there is a way to extend the low voltage cable and still connect it to the strip, you would be able to do something similar. Still need one for each segment of cabinets.

No, you need a connector that joins the strip to the controller

Just got the email re: Wyze RGB LED strips and am very interested in using them outdoors on my walkway. I see the Pro version has epoxy covering, but specifications still say indoor only. Can anyone offer insight here on using these outdoors?

These seem pretty cool!

Will the controllers be sold separately as well to make use of any trimmed portions of LED strip? Would be great to utilize full strip with another controller, or to cut smaller pieces and still use the remaining length with another controller. I have a spot that I’d love this, but it’s only 24" long; I wouldn’t waste 14ft just to use this product in that location.


The information on the website clearly covers this in the FAQ section.


The information on the website could be much better.

For example, in the what’s included it appears that the controller is not included. The one image of all the components shows a controller that accepts two light strips. Will the one strip 16.4 ft package have a controller that only accepts one light strip? Does this mean that for the longer, 2 strip, package the controller will be positioned in the middle?

How long is the wiring from the plug to the adapter? How long are the cables that connect the controller to the strip(s)?

Can someone clarify how this pairs to the existing Wyze App?


It appears that the power adapter plugs into a controller. They are provided limited information for some reason

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Nice idea, but I think a major miss by Wyze was not allowing extensions to the light strip. For instance, I have a narrow shelf about 6 inches below the ceiling in my media room that runs the entire circumference of the room (about 60 feet in total) with an electrical outlet in one corner. This product would be ideal for indirect ceiling lighting in this room, but the 32ft limitation makes it a no-go. There are other similar products out there that do allow extensions, but I would much much rather have a Wyze product, if it were available. Too bad…

I see now the Details photo of the box contents. White items on a white background, especially when the photo is low-resolution, makes things hard to make out.

It looks like both 16ft and 32ft strips have one controller. and the controller can take two strips at a time - it looks like you get the same type of controller either way. It also appears that the power adapter, the controller, and the strips are not permanently attached to each other, but each connect by cables. Are these correct?

Any information on how long the cables are, or what kind of connectors they use? If I want to run these under my overhead cabinets for countertop lighting, where I have two sets of cabinets and a window between, it would be nice to be able to use an extension and run one side of a 32ft strip on each set of cabinets, or to be able to skip the doorway of a room.


Can you connect Wyze Light Strips together?

No, Wyze Light Strips are sold in two lengths, 16.4 feet and 32.8 feet, and are not built to be connected end-to-end. The 32.8” version is actually two 16.4” strips that have the controller in the middle.

Somebody should probably fix that. 16.4’ and 32.8’ not 16.4" and 32.8". Unless you have 4 models and two of them are only a few feet long.

Really helpful. Thanks for pointing this out. :gift:

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I have done pixels for my Christmas display for the last 8 years & I have some questions about this product.
1 What are you using for a power supply? These can not be plugged into a wall outlet as they are 12V.
2. What are you using as a controller?
Your cell phone needs to talk to a controller connected to the lights.
3. Are the power supply & controller included with the strip of lights.
Your video is very misleading, it looks like all you have to do is buy the strips & use the Wyze app to control.

@siammike9 Thanks for this. I’m not quite following, as I don’t do a lot of lighting stuff. Based on the video and specs, I expect this to work just like a color light bulb in the app, and in practice. Is there more setup needed?

This Light Strip setup video should help to answer a few questions that have been asked in this thread. Check it out! :slightly_smiling_face:


I saw these leaked early on the Wyze’s main supplier’s website a few weeks ago and told a few guys I was pretty sure they’d be launching these really soon if the supplier is already advertising them. :slight_smile: I am glad to see I was right.

Where I saw them a few weeks ago:


Good to know the supplier is good source for early indications and leaks of what Wyze could be up to! :smiley:


No one is actually answering the question about trimming the strip. If you cut the strip at the designated spot, can you add a power connector so that it is usable instead of throwing away what you cut off?

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Nothing I say in this comment is official, take it all with an unofficial grain of salt involving speculation and inference

In this morning’s video they inferred that this is may be possible, but you’d need to attach another one of their power connectors to control it the same way. So in theory, if you buy a bunch of power controllers, you can use a bunch of small cut off sections of the same roll of lights in different places.

Again, they didn’t go into a lot of details about this, but things they said inferred that this is possible and that it would be possible at some point to buy some more power connectors to do just that. So if you do end up cutting some, save the strands. You might be able to use them later. I wonder if we can even attach them to the end of another strand.

It could be different for the 2 different versions too. One changes the whole strand to be identical all the time, and the other will change different segments differently, so the wiring might be more complicated on the pro version than just connecting it back up to the power adapter.

And I am just basing the above on what I heard them say this morning on IG…so there is a lot of inference, rather than direct clear announcement, so please don’t take any of the above as anything remotely official or possible, and don’t buy it with the expectation that is the case. I do not know, I just heard them say something that seemed to indicate TO ME this MAY be possible at some point.

EDIT UPDATE: I found where he addresses this question! Skip to the 56:00 mark in the video they did on Instagram where he addresses this issue. Here is a link to it:

This is the transcript:

Wyze Kenny: One other question as well is just on the Power Adapters. Are those sold separately for people who want to cut the strips?

WYZE MIKE: Yeah Good question, so NOT YET, but I also want to give a shout out to our beta testers for raising this issue and also giving us another idea, so we are working on some accessories for Wyze Light strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro that might be helpful. Expect more info on that a little bit later. It’s still early. Again, I’m working with the Beta Testers on that.

(So not yet, but maybe in the future. It appears to be “possible” though)


Thank you for catching the typo. I’ve sent this up chain. :slightly_smiling_face:


I checked my app… Still no color changing… I am on beta.


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Thanks Carver. Would make sense to not have to waste the strands and Wyze gets to sell more parts.

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