WYZE Light Sensor (new device or function of camera)

Make a light sensor (similar to your motion sensor) that can be used in conjunction with Wyze bulbs to turn lights on/off when light levels reach a certain threshold.

This should be built into the motion sensor so we don’t need multiple sensors to do these:

  1. Turn on certain lights when and as it remains dark
  2. Turn on certain lights when motion is detected && it is dark

Yeah…I think this will be a nice feature. There are certain part of the house that gets dark. I could set a timer to turn on at certain time. Or I can have a light sensor that turns it on automatically.

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Without any hardware changes, I think the existing cameras should be able to report an ambient light level, and then use this as a trigger event. Surely this would only require software changes, since they can already detect movement and change between day & IR setting.

I’m using motion sensors to light up dark hallways, but they don’t need it during the day.
I know Wyze are working on allowing to disable rules between set times, but the times would constantly need to be changed throughout the year in some scenarios.

IF Cam 1 light level is greater than X
disable rule A
disable motion sensor that triggers a Wyze bulb

IF Cam 1 light level is less than X,
enable rule B
enable Wyze Bulb

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Yeah, the cameras definitely have the hardware ability already. But for my purposes, scheduling based on sunrise/sunset would fill the same need and would probably be more useful for me. And would also be easy for them to implement with software only.

My first post here. I am also looking for the ambient light sensor from Wyze. I am already doing the scheduling of the lights, so that the wyze bulb turns on when it detects motion AND time of day is between 4 pm - 8 am. I am doing that with IFTTT.
This works, but would be nicer to have the ambient light sensor. It would be better than the fixed time schedule because

  1. Weather is unpredictable. Like some days in New England are just gloomy and dark outside even at noon time.
  2. With the ambient light sensor, then I don’t need to keep changing the schedule (like during the summer in New England, the sun won’t set till 8.30 pm).

I really hope Wyze would allow detecting the amount of ambient light via the existing Wyze Sense or Wyze Cam or Wyze new light sensor.


Could be added to the Wyze Motion sensor but existing devices won’t be able to do this. They don’t have photcells, just PIR. PIR works by infrared or heat. Often human heat.

Creating a separate photocell sensor in the Wyze Sense family would probably be the same cost as buying new motion sensors.

Has anyone following this thread tried a "SMARTENIT, Ambient Light Sensor ($19.99) with a smart home setup?
Sounds like this would do the job just not sure about compatibility with Wyze/Google Home, etc.