Wyze LED Smart Light strips

I would put them on the back of my tv. The ability to change the color behind the tv to music that could be playing on my Sonos speakers would be awesome. Around the ceiling in my kids room so would need between 45 - 60 feet. For in the kids room if I could have them to timers to change colors, so yellow they need to stay in bed, and then change to green when they can get up and come downstairs.

Underneath cabinets in the kitchen for mood lighting or just dim for a night light.

Outdoors I would love to put them under the railing of my deck so I would need at least 60 feet there with the ability to change colors for different holidays. Also outside on our porch railing in the front of the house would be great with color changing for the holidays as well.

Thanks for listening!


I’d use these for accent lighting in many places. I just finished redoing my pantry and left channels under each shelf specifically for these once they become available. I’d like to trigger them to turn on with my Wyze motion sensor when someone walks into the pantry, illuminating all the shelves.

These will go under my kitchen cabinets as well to illuminate the countertops. These will either be tied into the existing kitchen lighting switch or on a separate switch.

I’ll need some to illuminate my master closet which will be go under the knife next, and will need these for the setup for my wife’s shoe rack. There may be some motorization involved so not sure how I will want to power these yet.

May also put some on the stairs, at a dim setting. And may put a strip somewhere to show when the bathroom is occupied but want the lighting to be visible to those inside and outside the bathroom so someone can “request access” via smart button or Alexa command or something so the occupant knows someone else needs to use. Still workshopping this.

Possibly have strips under the bed that illuminate red when someone gets out of bed so they can see where they’re going without losing night vision

I think these are needed even more than the bulbs and can be put in many places.


I see this topic has been moved from the #wishlist to the #roadmap. :grinning: :+1:


Since this is now in development, I would like to vote for the capability to tie in with motion sensors. Similar to what other posters have said, I would put some strips in my kitchen, so it would be nice for it to light up when a motion sensor detects movement. It would also be nice to have the same capability in the bathroom at night so I don’t have to turn on the normal overhead bright light.


Thinking of utilizing a light strip for underneath a hand rail or on the underside of stair tread overhang to illuminate a particularly dark stairway. Strip would need to be about 10-15 ft in length. Ideally I could use shorter strips for each stair and connect them with a flexible connector to go from stair to stair.


So happy Wyze is working on this! I’d desperate for high quality LED strip lights. My case is a little unusual because I do vanlife but led strip lights are popular in the community. Here is my personal wishles:

  • Very bright setting that can be dimmed by app/voice, I’m using these for my primary lighting ideally not as accents (usually)
  • Lots of color choices (including multicolored, gradients, rainbow, etc - the more the better) that you can easily change through Wyze app, Alexa, Siri (plus control off/on with those)
  • Customizable size. I plan to put up two parallel sets on the interior roof of my van (ideally both can be synced together or separately) which is around 10 feet not including the cab. I will probably place them under my bed and in the bed drawers.
  • Powered by usb cables with long lengths to wire to my power station. The lower the wattage the better to save on energy consumption (I try to use solar power for power stations as much as possible). Other vanlifers will be plugging into 12v diy electrical system
  • High density option (higher the better) and “tube” option, Basically make it easy to turn on lights without obstructing them from view and not see the dots which are very unattractive. There are DIY cheap tube options on Youtube (and expensive ones to buy) but I want long tube options (10ft at least) that don’t have gaps in them to obscure the light while having functionality as listed above. If you don’t do the tube function yourself, make it easy for us to create our own diy tubing using high density lights and diffusers in the tube
  • Not necessary but it’d be fun to be able to have the lights respond to the music being played

Please make this available asap! I don’t want to buy another product and then have to replace with yours if yours are better.


To start I want to install them as under cabinet lighting in my kitchen. But, I would also add them to the awning of my motorhome.

I think a couple of length offerings would be nice: 12, 18 & 24 inches (again for under kitchen cabinets). The ability to link different lengths together would be great.

To control the lights:

  1. Be able to group them.
  2. Able manually control them in the app.
  3. Set up schedules.
  4. Device triggers based on motion detected by cameras or the motion detectors or contact sensors.
  5. And even though I don’t have it, voice activated through Google or Alexa.
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Nice, I see this is in development. I currently have about 24’ of led lighting above my cabinets, connected to a Wyze plug, looking forward to seeing what Wyze comes up with for these lights.

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I stumbled across these LED light set today: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TXZQFFN/

It has a number of attractive features that I thought might provide some ideas to help Wyze research

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Tied to motion sensor and door sensors seems obvious. For a more advanced feature I would LOVE and I think many new work from home folks may like is a way to integrate on/off or even color actions with a calendar.
Use Case - let family know when you are on a call and can’t be disturbed to avoid accidental zoom bombing :wink:
Install a smart light outside office door to use as a status light.
Here is what I created to solve this problem until something is available off the shelf WFH Busy Light.docx - Google Drive


I just found your comment/post :slight_smile: youre not only one too!! i just made a new post, waiting for it to be approved. i hope it show up! if it does, please vote my post!! hope your words are heard too!!

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You got us the color bulb! Now we need a smart color LED strip light! Would love to replace my sylvania strip lights with wyze and continue the transition to one ecosystem.


How about under cabinet lighting! Something that you could add 2-3-4 in a string that simply plugs in and can be set and controlled through the app