Wyze iPad app support for landscape mode

Can we get Wyze to support landscape mode on iPads? I have a keyboard and the app only is in portrait except during event playback.

Can we get this fixed?

That is not unique to the iPad. Most of the screens (except watching a camera) are portrait only - iOS, Android, phone, or tablet. Been requested many times.

Looks like at least 461 times so far, lol. @doug.spindler you can vote for it here:

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Sooner would be better than later. If it’s a budget issue, I’m sure a large number of your users would gladly pay you $1-$10 to get it done sooner. I sure would.

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While I wouldn’t mind everyone sending me their money, I’m not a Wyze employee. I’m a fellow user like yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would you pay Wyze $1 - $10 for landscape?

Hope Wyze folks are look at this.

Millions of apps available in the app store that work in landscape mode. Wyze can’t figure it out.

Looks like they had one programmer who figured it how to do it for playback. Must have been an unpaid intern as all of the other paid programmers could not figure it out.