Wyze In Response: Thermometers and Webcam Firmware Available

I received mine today as well and it’s doing the same thing as yours, I’m very disappointed after having to wait so long to get it, I feel totally ripped off. Going to submit a support/return ticket and just get my money back.

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After many, many tries I finally got it to actually make a temp reading. Not on my forehead skin but on the gray t-shirt I was wearing and only once very ten or so attempts. Not acceptable.

While I can appreciate Wyze making them available they aren’t doing their reputation or bottom-line any good by selling defective products.

I finally got it to work after aiming it a Wyze light bulb a few times. After that it worked on my forehead, arm, ear, etc. Have no idea why it worked, it was just a variation on the tried and true axiom of: “If it don’t work hit it with a hammer.”

Mine is working now as well after someone on the Wyze Facebook page had the same problem and gave me this advice.
" I thought mine did not work also. Then screwed around with it…the instructions are not clear. You have to put it up to your (or someone else’s forehead) THEN press the button. I was turning it on…then doing that."
So it appears that I was doing it all wrong by pressing the button first then holding it to my head!

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I haven’t heard from iheart since contacting them on April 8th. I opened a new ticket #533280 as you suggested.

I share your pain. Mine is so inaccurate as to be unusable. Wyze failed on this one.
Wyze, please explain how I cannot return a defective product because I opened it?

OMG* Wyze, I have seen this particular requirement on numerous sites return policies… How, may we ask does one ascertain that a product is in fact defective if not by opening the package and trying the product…??

Seems to me that having a return policy should be run thru the ‘Common Sense’ washing machine prior to being adopted by a company, especially a new company trying to garner user support and grow their customer base…

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You mean you could not use your psychic powers to deduce the products condition without actually opening the box? Next I suppose you are going to say you have to sniff a flower in order to know what it smells like. :grin::grin::grin:

Ha ha ha, good one Bruce… But it’s a legitimate question. What bothers me mostly about Wyze is the fact that there are so many complaints regarding response from the customer support team.

Oh I agree, I was sarcastically sympathetic. Unfortunately Wyze is far from the only vendor that hides behind legalese in their TOC agreement.

I had a similar problem, but when I moved the unit to within about 1” it worked well.

I know… Sad isn’t it but we keep hoping that new guys will strive to be better.

Unfortunately our litigious society does not foster other behaviors. Sad but true. When the majority of your legislative body is populated by lawyers this is what you get.

We’re trying to be careful about returns on the medical products.

@DP1947, I brought attention to your new ticket for you. :slight_smile:

We apologize for the delays in response from our support team. We’ve fallen behind and we understand that this is frustrating. We’re working on getting through the backlog as quickly as we can.

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Gwendolyn, just so you’re aware, I open the big cardboard box but I never opened a Wyze box that has the scale in it it’s still wrapped and everything

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Just want to report on the Wyze webcam on my V2 cam-- works great! Downloaded the FW, performed the steps, watched for the lights. and using it on Windows 10. Also as important note if you go the USB-C route, you have to use BOTH the USB-C to USB-A cable in addition to the micro-USB cable. The first being the data side and the second is the power.

If you open the camera app on Windows 10, you can check the settings and verify functionality. 1080p works great. Adjust settings to your preference. So far works great with Zoom and Teams. Haven’t tried other apps yet but expect to be the same. Also make sure you check speaker and mic settings as it defaulted to the camera for those and was very very low. Once I switched to my desktop or laptop speakers and mic, it was much better in terms of audio and acoustics!

Well done Wyze! Might keep this setup after all this covid-19 non-sense is done and use for future video conference calls! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Big_monkey! The standard return guidelines would apply for your purchase. If you haven’t opened it, you can return it within the return window. :slight_smile:

Happy to hear you’re enjoying your Wyze webcam, @robvelez! :smiley:

I got the thermometer and blood pressure cuff for 35.98 in January. ihealth had a bundle sale.

I only “thought” it was hard to get my thermometer order in on day 1 (hour 1). That surgical mask deal must have hammered the order site pretty hard. It took me 30 minutes to get my order in. I finally had to give up on the Amazon pay method, and just go old school credit card. Thanks Wyze, we appreciate all you are doing for us! Maybe the next deal could be an Ultra Violet Sanitizer!

Why is it that a USB-A to USB-A carries data and power, but USB-A to USB-C does not?