Wyze In Response: Thermometers and Webcam Firmware Available

I don’t know the answer, just something I found on my own desktop system that worked.

I did not have a USB-A to USB-A cable, but did have a USB-A to USB-C cable from my GoPro 7. I first tried that to see if my system would work, but no go. Once I connected the micro-USB cable next, only then would the camera work.

So in essence the camera is using 2 cables, the 1- USB-A to USB-C and the 2- micro-USB. Which one is power and which one is data, I don’t know. Not a computer expert, just my guess which is prolly wrong.

I too have become a Wyze cautioner, because responses seem not to apply to actual issues. A probable vol tech came back with " likely it’s your batteries that need replacing, while the obvious answer is that the bridge has bricked like so many other customers have posted as the main product that seems to be the biggest FAIL about Wyze products. I am very disappointed in the knowledge that these products are made in China and with the obvious sentiment s of today that Americans will likely not be purchasing anything but American made products in the near future,allow me to recommend that Wyze embark upon an effort to first start making your products in the USA, fix your apparently inadequately tested products that “FAIL” and provide better reliability! I’m sure that one of the founders, Mr Crosby, should be advised of the company’s current FUBAR, as this is a request I ask of whomever this ultimately addresses this request for a response to contact him! I have 3 wyze cams and 1 wyze 360 cam along with 3 kits with a bridge, 2 door detectors, 1 motion detector each. I expect that the other bridges will brick soon too, although I have disconnected all of the detectors via my phone app, just in case! I will be collecting my receipts from my purchases, and try to return them to the Home Depot store I purchased them from in Lady Lake Florida, very disappointed in Wyze, I actually was rooting that you might succeed, but with the pandemic snafu, buying from China doesnt stand up to scrutiny in my book! Mark Hedtke founder of the Hedtke Institute an Online Think Tank [Mod Edit] Best of luck fixing this FAIL

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I finally got it to work after aiming it a Wyze light bulb a few times. After that it worked on my forehead, arm, ear, etc. Have no idea why it worked, it was just a variation on the tried and true axiom of: “If it don’t work hit it with a hammer.”

You guys (WYZE) rock!!!

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Hello, I ordered a Wyze cam about two weeks ago to use as a webcam, and it still shows that is is waiting to be packed. I completely understand that things are crazy with COVID and there might be delays in getting products out the door, but your FAQ does still say that all products will be delivered in 7-10 days. Is there any problem with my order?

Hello. I created a write-up on how to flash the firmware and (more useful) create a USB-A to USB-A cable out of regular USB cables you might have laying around:

Anyways, since writing that, I have had a LOT of people asking if there is any way to get the IR function working in this firmware? Is there any solution for that? My guess is that it would require a change in the firmware, but if there is an easier way to do it, please let me know.

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Having to make a USB-A to USB-A cable is a bit of a PITA but the webcam firmware is a great solution for those that have a spare cam sitting around and missed the boat on purchasing a proper webcam. Shocked that it worked first time!

Wyze “webcam” sitting on 3d printed mount on my monitor.

I converted one of my V-2 cameras to RTSP using the provided firmware and Wyze instructions. The conversion worked the first time but the problem I had (and I mentioned this earlier) was that the video provided was degraded from what it was using the Wyze stock firmware… Not sure why this was the case but when I switched it back to its original firmware, the picture quality returned to good.

You can get it to mount on the monitor better if you reverse the bottom mount. Remove the screws, turn the grey part around, then reattach.

Not sure I can visualise what you’re suggesting without a pic?

That won’t work, as it defeats the ability to use a sim card and there are no screw studs on the other side of the case

This is my information. No tracking number or anything

It seems like you’re in the wrong thread. This thread is about thermometers and webcams… Not the wyze scale. Maybe you’re looking for this one. I asked the moderators to move your post. Also, per Gwendolyn’s post, she said to message her your order number directly. Probably so the thread won’t be flooded with people’s order numbers.

Sorry about that! I sent your order number to the team but I’d recommend checking with customer support on this if you haven’t done so yet.

Wyze Customer Support

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Mine is just fine accuracy.

My wife is a RN and needed to verify here temp prior to work and this has been very solid and consistent for weeks now.

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Ours Works Great, Very Glad we have it!

I have had mine about a month and find it to be consistent and accurate when used properly. To be sure I knew what I had I started taking temps of both of us twice each day and the readings are well with in what I would think are normal temperature variances. (the thought was if to know what the baseline iHealth returns when not sick so as to be able to tell when it is showing an increase) Using a standard thermometer I run about a degree lower than average and my wife is slightly warmer. The iHealth thermometer shows the same tendencies for both us. I felt it was good enough I thought to recommend it to my doctors office as a screening thermometer as they were having issues getting the sanitary covers for the clinical thermometers they would normally use. Did not hear if they decided to purchase or not.

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Exactly, set a base line for normal then watch for varience from that…

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