Wyze in general. What’s going on?!

What’s going on with this company and products? A year ago all you could read were positive feedbacks. Not the same today! All the way from the app, new products, old products… everything! Get with it Wyze or you will have a lot of extra product.


I completely agree. I’ve been using WyzeCam V2’s since 2018 and they have no become a complete pain to use. Video’s take forever to load, that’s IF they even load. Connectivity issues. CMC/CamPlus (paid services) won’t record.
At this point I’m glad i didn’t jump to buy the outdoor cam. Really debating what camera I should consider next, because these are becoming more troublesome day by day.


I have had the opposite experience. My cams have improved over time and I find them far more usable today than I did when I bought them.