Wyze in association with SDK Enterprises Presents!

The all new OSCAM! (Outdoor Skouti Cam)*

*Copy write 2019 SDK Enterprises

100% certified for outdoor installations!





Very cool. How does the IR perform at night in the enclosure?

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Will let you know in 3 and a half hours… But I would think good since the Foscam camera I pulled out had a bunch of them…


Too much IR reflection off of the inside of the dome to work with them on… Going to try and rig up the Foscam IR lights…

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You can use an external IR illuminator like this one. @rbruceporter installed one just like this with fantastic results.

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Thanks for the update @sirdigitalknight. I really like the setup and I’m sure it would work well with an IR illuminator as @stopicu33 mentioned.

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Going to try and integrate the Foscam IR panel back into it using the USB power from the back of the Wyze camera… How hard can it be :rofl: