Wyze hub?


I am not able to add my Outdoor Cam, Door Bell, Wyze Lock, Scale and V2 cam.

A hub to manage all my devices will help.

I hub would be nice with an ethernet port and it’s own wifi for all the devices to connect to. Every time my router goes out, my devices are offline while it is rebooting.


I keep purchasing Wyze devices and each one takes up an IP address when I already have 20+ devices at any given time. I really like the hardwired hub option to link the wireless devices to. Ability of some devices to create it’s own mesh network would assist even more. My Orbit irrigation product has a hub and I only have to give it one IP, log in and see all attached devices. Thanks.


I understand people hate having to buy hubs, but for advanced users that have a lot of devices, it is the only way to go.


Hi @steven.lawson and welcome to the Community forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

A class C subnet /24 (mask has 254 usable addresses so you shouldn’t run out anytime soon. A seperate mesh network may cause interference with other WiFi products running on 2.4Ghz. Not sure what the problem is. . .

I was going to say “you can just use an old $20 NAT router if you want to segment” but there’s also the idea of Steven’s Orbit hub that provides a single IP control point, not just a router to the other network.

(If he means the B-Hyve stuff then those are just on/off Bell wire valve connections and not IP at all, but the spirit of the point, I think, is having fewer devices on the network.)

Off of my main irrigation control to the zones, yes it’s bell wire. But I also have 6 ‘hose zones’ and they are all Bluetooth/mesh between each other. Hub is in my living room and they talk through each other all the way around the house. Pretty trick actually. :slight_smile:

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I just ordered my 4 zone controller and a first hose end receiver earlier this week. :slight_smile: Prices and availability were all over the map.

I may have got the wrong hose end? It seems to require the separate WiFi receiver. I had assumed the 4 port base controller - which DOES have Bluetooth - would be willing to talk to the hose end and treat it as one of its zones, but apparently it does not work that way.

I think the mesh version you mentioned is a different series and/or may be discontinued.

An update from the Wyze AMA! https://www.reddit.com/r/wyzecam/comments/ou4og6/were_the_cam_plus_team_ama/h701vot?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

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Nothing would be better than a smart hub on my tv where I can control all my cameras and connected devices. Just saying, I have a huge screen that is already the center of each room in most houses…


I’ll start by saying that more than 60% of devices in my network are Wyze devices.
These devices may or may not be regularly updated, being a security risk, an extra effort to manage them in the network, a bottleneck in some cases, incompatible in others.

A Network Hub that creates an ad hoc network for Wyze devices would solve many of these issues.


  • manage at least 100 devices Wi-Fi
  • SIM card for internet connection backup
  • rules for automatic device updates
  • app (home assistant) integration
  • 8 ports POE

Demise of Insteon leaves me nervous…

As a long-time user of MANY Insteon devices, I’m left very nervous about purchasing more Cloud connected device from any company, even Wyze. Does Wyze have any plans to develop a “Hub” to allow Cloud independent control of Wyze devices and/or adopt an industry standard similar to Matter?

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Cannot speak to the development of a hub, but I have seen where Wyze is participating in the Matter Standards, which is a good thing.

Kind of sad how Insteon just shut down without notice to their customers. Although we cannot predict the future and I understand your concern, I believe Wyze to be a reputable company and am not concerned about the same thing happening. IMHO


So was Insteon until it wasn’t…

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I too believe Wyze is a reputable company. I’m sure given their openness regarding their financial problems last year that they will give us plenty of warning. That said, my concern is that if Wyze should find their business model to be unsustainable thus forcing a shutdown, I’d be stuck with a third set of “bricks” (I already have much $$$ tied up in useless Iris and now Insteon devices).

True, I know a lot of individuals who had Insteon. Sad they did not even give a notice.

If you’re nervous about what happened with Insteon, and who isn’t to some degree as they aren’t the first and they definitely won’t be the last, then buy equipment that doesn’t run on proprietary standards as well as rely 100% on cloud connections.

I’ve been a Wyze supporter for quite some time, and while I love the gear I’ve got from Wyze, I will probably be moving on from their cameras, switches, and other actual smart home gear because it is not developed on an open standard (like Zigbee or Zwave) and it requires a connection to the internet to do anything. Wyze is a great way to get started into Smart Home tech, what they sell, for the price they sell it at, is great. You’ll never hear me say otherwise. HOWEVER. it doesn’t scale, I can’t create rules that when I arm Home Monitoring turn off the lights. No 4k Cameras. etc. it’s nothing against Wyze, it’s the evolution of what I am trying to do.

Oh, and to the question that was asked about a “Wyze Hub”, double check, but I believe they rebranded the old Home Monitoring to Sense Hub 2.0 when they launched Cam Plus Pro.

I too was caught in the Iris shutdown, that is how I originally found Wyze. Iris refunded everything I had purchased that could not be moved to another platform. So I was refunded for cameras that would no longer work, but all my other Iris things are still in use with a SmartThings hub.

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Here, here.