Wyze Hub - the central CPU that links all you home Wyze devices together

A true base station that connects ALL the Wyze devices in the home together and also acts as the central hard drive and local CPU. Unlike Wyze Cam Outdoor’s disappointing “base station,” the Wyze Hub would have more processing power and above all, does not need to be physically tethered to the modem or wireless router.

The hub would support up to 500GB (or even a TB) SD card and acts as a hard drive that stores not only all the images and footages captured by the cameras, but also render them quicker and easier to access remotely due to having more raw processing power compared to the onboard CPU of each individual Wyze Cam.

More importantly, the hub would store the Wyze programming and device instructions locally to ensure that even in the event of internet and Wyze server outages, all local Wyze devices such as Wyze bulbs will continue to function.

Lastly… admittedly wishful thinking, have a sim card slot to accommodate mobile data to enable basic remote functionality in the event of residential internet outages.

Would be willing to be up to $50 for a Wyze Hub!


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