Wyze Home Monitoring Service with keypad, sensors, and 911 dispatch

Please offer monitoring for business locations. I own a small shop that I’d like to have monitored and honestly I’d like to do it in they Wyze ecosystem (or at least try). I do understand that this is an initial offering, but please add business monitoring as soon as possible.

Both of WYZE’s direct competition (Ring and Simplisafe) offer monitoring for business and I believe there’s a market for this for WYZE.


I have already pre ordered the home monitoring system and I am excited to integrate the functionality into my home. However, one feature that would be welcomed is the ability to create a dock that can integrate my current “dumb” sensors from my old system into Wyze sensors. I’m sure there is a way to do this similar to the dock made for the Wyze sprinkler system. I know I could just buy a bunch of entry way sensors and motion sensors, but this requires me to rip out the old system that is already placed strategically and would also require some repainting etc. I picture the hub connecting to these “dumb” sensors and then converting their signals over to the hub for the integration.

Like and vote this up if you’d like to integrate your old system to a Wyze system as well


Yes! There are several threads here that are similar, asking for a way to integrate existing sensors into the Wyze Home Monitoring system. That would make it extremely attractive! -=P=-

After speaking to one of your agents about your new home monitoring I would like to suggest multiple modes for arming your system rather than just home (off) and away (on). You should add an armed “home” mode(s) so you can arm certain sensors while you are home but say the motion sensor between the bedroom and the bathroom is off so you don’t set it off in the middle of the night. Multiple modes would be useful. I’d like to arm the garage during the day even while I’m home but be able to go in and out of the house freely. Customization is key!

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We’re currently using SimpliSafe until Wyze ships out their new home monitoring system. One of the things SimpliSafe has that I noticed Wyze doesn’t is a keyfob. I would love to see them add an optional keyfob to be used with this system.

I have had Simply Safe home security system for the last 6 years. I really loved the system and had no intention to switch at all until I started having problems with the sensitivity of the motion sensors. They are too sensitive and even when you place them correctly ( away from direct sunlight, heating duct, at least 6 feet height etc. ) the engineers simply told me to flip the component upside down. I have a 5 pound dog that has set this motion sensor off more times than I would like and this is a known problem for simply safe even with the latest version 3 system upgraded components. I know the Home Monitoring System is in its infancy and Wyze will probably release more features but I found the glass break sensors to be a must and also a extra siren. I have a 3 level house and if I am upstairs or in the basement I can put a siren / extra speaker on each level and there is a chime associated with the base station that lets you know when an entry sensor is open. I don’t always have my phone on my person 100 % of the time when I’m at home so its refreshing to hear the chime when a door is opened. I believe this is a basic necessity that most alarm systems have and the ability to be able to choose your chime from some options would be helpful. You can really complain about this too much has the system is 5.99 a month or so for monitoring but I plan to buy and after market chime sensor and speak unit x2 and use it with my home monitoring system so I am aware of the entry sensors opening. It would be nice for these to be available in the future but I think the Wyze staff looking into some of the features of the Simply Safe System would be helpful ( as they also have a key chain to turn your system on and off as you approach your door and you don’t want to manually do it yourself or have your bluetooth constantly on to turn your system off as your approach your door. I know this is a lot of information but I hope this helps.

It looks like there are updated contact and motion sensors being sold with the Wyze home monitoring kit but it would be awesome to have these sold outside of the service for those who don’t need whole-home security but want motion sensors to automate actions.