Wyze Home Monitoring Sensors Turn Off Notifications

Wyze responded this issue in the recent Wyze Home Monitoring AMA on Reddit. Integrating Home Monitoring with their Rules Engine has been added to their product roadmap although no timeline was provided.

Reference - https://www.reddit.com/r/wyzecam/comments/nfdtkt/comment/gym9wab


I would like to add my support to jgregovich’s request/wish. Please make it, or at least an option, so that when the system is “disarmed” entry sensors and motion detector sensors stop sending notifications as I move and open/close doors/windows while going through out the house. Having to turn off notifications for each sensor (25) when the system is “disarmed” and turn them all back on when the system is home/away is a pain in the a##. I don’t necessarily mind notifications from cameras while I’m home … that can be helpful if I’m expecting (or not expecting) someone to come to the house.

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Please, please, please for the love of God, please give users the option to stop receiving phone notifications when in Disarmed mode. It is in Disarmed mode for a reason! I do not need constant motion notifications or to be notified when I open the door. Trust me, the notifications are not keeping me any safer and this gets really, really annoying. Facepalm. Currently, the app gives users the ability to customize which sensors are in use for both Home and Away, so why in the world is there not an option to customize the sensors when in Disarmed?!? Double facepalm. This is an easy, necessary fix that would take programmers maybe 5 minutes to implement.

Please fix this or I will be making the wise decision to say bye bye bye to Wyze, Wyze, Wyze. :v:t2:

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Wyze either is deaf, dumb and blind, or just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what their customers think. It is pretty clear to me the latter is the most likely reason we still are getting notifications when in disabled mode. Pathetic Wyze.

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I turned off notifications for my sensors. When armed, I get notified of an alarm event. I fail to see the issue here.

I would like to see the ability to disable/enable sensors individually, especially while at home. I don’t need my motion sensors going off every time I walk into their range and I don’t need to know every time, via notifications, I walk in and out of my door. I don’t want to have to go in and enable and disable notifications all the time either. If I set my system to disarmed, everything should be able to be disarmed if I choose to do so, or I should be able to pick and choose what stays armed. All I’m doing is running my batteries down in my sensors with them being on 24/7. I’ve had another monitored alarm system in the past and my sensors disarmed along with a system disarmament.

I have had the home security system one day now and I have a very active family and a dog and I get 4 notifications or more notifications every time they go out and back in. I would like a rule or something to disable all sensor notifications when the system is in disarmed mode. But the notifications are allowed in home or away mode. Just yesterday I had over 60+ door opening alerts and think this a great feature for being in armed mode but when turned off very excessive. I looked and I can disable them on a schedule as a rule but would prefer to have it be triggered by a system status.

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I’m here to agree. Stop all these damn notifications when it’s in disabled mode, I’m about to throw my phone at the wall.

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I’ll say it again. Disable notifications in the sensor settings. Problem solved.

Not problem solved, just a minor irritating bandaid. For those of us that want the notifications when the system is armed, it is an added step to remember to turn on/off the notifications everytime you change the status of the system.

You will be notified. Check the FAQ. Problem solved.

I was one of the original “complainers” for getting notifications whenever my HMS was in ANY of the modes (Disabled, Home, Away). I’ve since had time to configure the settings and I have resolved my initial challenges.

So, you’ll need to change all the sensors (contacts or motion) you wish to not receive notifications for, independent of whether the HMS is in HOME or AWAY mode. So for example, if I don’t want to receive notifications each time someone opens or closes my kitchen door, I would disable the notification for that contact sensor. By doing this, it DOES NOT affect the HMS sending you an alert if the HMS is in HOME or AWAY modes. I have turned off notifications on most of my sensors, except for the ones I always want a notification on, regardless of the mode the HMS is in (safe opened, a certain door left open for x minutes, garage door opens/closes, etc).

Hope this helps.

I have lodged the same complaint and suggestion. Derrabe is correct. We shouldn’t have to go into any settings and disable any notifications, period. I’ve had other alarm systems and this is the only one that does this. I am close to returning it.

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Agreed. And now there is another issue that someone else brought up that I hadn’t really thought about. Who wants an alarm system where only one person can be notified? And that the system (motion switches, in-out door switches, or any settings) cannot be seen by anyone other than the holder? My wife is sure not happy about that. The only thing I can do is share cameras which are not technically part of the system.

You don’t have to continually change the notification settings. Do it once, and move on with your life. I do not see any other challenges with the notifications when HMS is in disabled, home or away.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try

So do you still receive notifications when a sensor is tripped in Home or Away mode if a sensor is assigned to that mode?