Wyze Home Monitoring: Self Monitored Mode ASAP

Same experience here. Unfortunately, the V2 sensor is not working as a trigger in Alexa. I’ve done everything, deleted Wyze skills in Alexa & signed out of Alexa in Wyze, and the V2 sensor still does not trigger.

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Oh, you’re right, I just tested it out. Interesting. Thanks. It lets us set up the routines on Alexa, and that worked fine, but when the sensor opened it didn’t actually function correctly, nothing happened, so there is a bug preventing automated execution for some reason.

I would have to revise what I said to say that it’s been enabled to work with Alexa (Alexa recognizes the sensor, and shows the trigger is possible, but there is currently a bug preventing routine execution through Alexa currently. I am sure this will get resolved soon, but it is true it’s got some kind of bug currently.

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I use the sensors to have Alexa tell me if the garage door is opening, gate to back yard is opening, mailbox opening, etc… Also, use the motion sensors to trigger camera uploads rather than the camera during the bug season at night.

I do that with the V1 sensors all the time too, but the test I just ran with the V2 sensors showed that it would not actually trigger. Have you gotten any of that to work on Alexa using a V2 contact sensor from the new Home Monitoring system as the trigger? Because when I tested that, it did not work, but all the V1 sensors still work.

Received the kit yesterday and trying to decide if I want to keep it or return it. I’m not really a fan of having the police some every time there is a sensor alert I can’t respond to.

I basically plan on using the sensors for items addressed in previous message. I was also concerned on how the “You are in Test Mode” message was displayed as mentioned here and what other baggage there is when not in the noonlight monitoring mode.

My motivating buying factor for the home monitoring system was having more reliable sensors, battery life and additional sensors. Not interested in any of the noonlight monitoring.

Any additional information or advice would be helpful.

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Doubt Wyze will ever have the self-monitored option, No Profit = No Incentive

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Why would there be no profit? Even if there was no subscription fee at all for self-monitoring, they still make money off every single sale of every single sensor.

Wyze’s business model was predicated on the idea of low profit margins, high volume sales. Which means if they do this, there will be a ton more people buying their product and they’d make a bunch more money by hitting a new market of people who otherwise wouldn’t have bought anything…it just makes sense to first give priority of a limited supply to those who are willing to pay more (subscription), then when those people are settled and satisfied, move on open up the rest of the market.

Besides, Wyze has already stated, in this very thread, that they are working on this option for people to do self-monitoring (see post #13).

The only real question is what kind of self-monitoring it will turn out to be (subscription still, or totally without one), and what options will be included. Worst case scenario, a person can already 100% do self-monitoring with just the sensors and notifications. We can even set up our own rules to make it a “security system” that will trigger V3 Sirens/alarms during certain times, or using shortcuts to activate things, using Wyze rules or Alexa Rules, or even webhooks to do things. You can totally do 100% self-monitoring right now without ever activating the subscription through Wyze or paying for it monthly or yearly or anything. Even so, with Wyze’s 30 day money back guarantee, you should should be able to get a refund off the entire cost of the initial subscription fee if that’s what you really want, then it’s like you never even got the subscription for that first month.

Self-monitoring is absolutely guaranteed because it’s already an option. So it’s definitely not about profits. It would just be nice to have all the other benefits without the risk of Noonlight calling the cops and getting you a fine. That’s all I’m looking for, whether there is a subscription or not.


See: Wyze Home Monitoring: Self Monitored Mode ASAP - #13 by WyzeRyan


Police here discourage home built/designed/installed security systems and IF they will respond (and I say IF) there will be a fee if false alarm. Better to pay the professional alarm company than Noonlight if you have to have a law enforcement responder. It will be cheaper than the police responding to false alarms. Question: If there is a bug or design flaw, will WYZE accept liability for the charges?

I vote for SELF Monitoring.

How is another alarm company any different than Noonlight? To my understanding they’re all certified to act the same way with the same process. Try to contact you first, if you don’t respond, call law enforcement.

Or do some behave differently? Can you clarify, because to my understanding they basically all act the same way when it comes to dispatching L.E.Officers.

And how is Noonlight not a professional alarm company when 1) they are widely paid for it (definition of professional) and 2) they are fully UL certified (so fully recognized as an approved credentialed security company)?

I fully admit this isn’t my area of expertise, so if the above understandings are incorrect I’m very much open to learning something new… It just seems logical they do the same thing as basically everyone else.

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True all professionals. Some departments have different restrictions and procedures.

Please allow for self monitoring independently of wether u have a noonlight subscription or not…

this will make ur HMS attractive for people residing outside of the USA who wish to use ur system to scare intruders away with the hub siren and get mobile notification when the sirens goes on…


Dear Wyze,

The only reason why many purchased the V1 sensors is because they did not want an outside monitoring facility. Please either let these sensors connect to the v1 hub or make them available without monitoring.


I’m thinking of getting your Home Monitoring system, but like others I want to self Monitor - I see that this is on your road map - any ideas on when this will happen? if not I might be forced to go to Simplisafe, which I don’t want to as I love your cameras and other products that I currently have.


Just wanted to put forward my support for this. I want self monitoring, in fact I’d like it even more if my pin were required to deactivate test mode so there’s no chance it could happen accidentally


Same here, I sure could use self monitoring.

Unless I don’t understand… cant you just leave the Wyze App in Test Mode? Now you have the self monitoring you want.

That is what I was wondering as well. Thanks for replying.

You could do this, but there are features that do not function in Test Mode. For example, the Critical Alerts on iOS only function when Test Mode is OFF.

You also have to pay for the HMS subscription whether or not you use it… Test mode only functions with an active subscription.