Wyze Home Monitoring: Self Monitored Mode ASAP

Self monitoring is definitely a must-have! But doesnt look like its falling in their priority list?

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Please add feature to allow us to switch off professional home monitoring and emergency services

Thanks for making great products and great customer service.

Are there plans to allow us to turn off the notification of professional home monitoring and emergency services? I’m only interested in a system that, without a subscription, notifies me only by automated text or automated call. I don’t want a professional service to call me, and I don’t trust any alarm system to be free from false alarms, which ties up police resources, requires the cost of alarm permits, and incurs fines in my area for excessive false alarm responses, etc. Another issue is that I am not reachable at all times, so the thought of every missed call or notification resulting in a police response is a definite deal-breaker for me. With a simple toggle switch, I want to turn off all professional and emergency response in my routine day to day life and simply receive continued, persistent, automated alerts until I acknowledge them. Then maybe when I leave town, I can turn on professional monitoring and emergency response if needed. If this were an option, I’d buy a complete system immediately as I love your products. Yes I know test mode is similar to what I’m requesting, but I’m reading in the forums that test mode also has other effects. If this mode were available, it could potentially convince me that it is not prone to false alarms, at which point I would probably opt-in to the professional monitoring features at that time.


Maybe the idea is to go off-roading now. No map needed!

In which case, the idea to go off-monitoring and self-montitor needs to get a higher priority.

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Pretty sure this is it Wyze Home Monitoring Service

Hi @WyzeRyan. I love your products as I have the Wyze V3 here in Ireland but I’m looking for a home alarm system too. I understand that most of the functions won’t work here in Ireland beside putting the device in test mode. This is really disappointing because I want to have one app which I control everything such as the Wyze app as I already have the Wyze V3 working here perfectly.

I really hope there is an update soon about a self monitoring option for your security system that works in Europe too.

There is a huge market for affordable security devices here in Ireland recently with more robberies etc so might be worth your time finally expanding.

Thanks again and I hope to hear an update soon regards your home security systems otherwise I will switch to Ring as they offer what I’m looking for which is unmonitored alarm systems and full compatibility in Ireland.

Home monitoring without Noonlight and real shock sensors


Noonlight is not supported in all countries. I would like to have all home security options without the need of Noonlight. Support for a SIM card would make it possible to choose your own security company to check on your property when abroad.

Glass break sensors are nice but it would be better to have shock sensors. I rather get a notification when burglars are attempting to open doors or security windows instead of getting the alert after they succeeded in doing this.

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I desperately needs this feature!!! I hope self-monitoring mode can send me iOS critical alert, and give me an option to contact Noonlight. It’s been a year since the feature was first requested. Could any Wyze representative please give us a status update??

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Self monitoring- No fee

To not need to pay a fee, and just self monitor.

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Any updates on this?

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EH!!! DON’T GET ME STARTED! Last week, the police visited me for the 3rd time since HMS. I know I disabled the alarm before opening the door, but, I musta inadvertently re-alarmed it when I put the phone in my pocket.

And you didn’t get the App Notification? The Text from Noonlight? the call from Noonlight asking for your safe word?

GQ- good question, but no… when my Bluetooth headset is connected, all the audio goes to my headset, which I wasn’t wearing. I really need to check/adjust them settings.

In other scenarios, I go outside to feed the ducks or pull some weeds, and forget to disable the alarm. I’ll be in my front yard when I see the police roll up.

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:+1: Well, thanks for the testimonial that the system does work as designed! There are some on the forums still loosing their mother loving minds over hubs that don’t work.

Would still like to have the option to take it out of Test Mode and disable Noonlight auto-call emergency services…

Beyond understanding how this simple feature has not yet been implemented more than a year later.


If you left it in Test Mode, isn’t that the same as what you are looking for? Just curious as to what the difference would be.

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If you leave it in test mode, yur hub siren will go off… which gets the job done if you are at home. However, if no one is at home, getting yer phone to blow up is difficult.

Perhaps, the HMS should have its’ own notifications category… so that notifications for HMS can be set independently of any other Wyze notifications. For example, you could have yer phone make a distinctive sound if your HMS is also “siren-ing”.


So it is more about the notifications, correct? I know we get notified to the phone if the siren goes off in Test Mode, and all sensors will trigger and alert you as well. But most alerts or notifications are the same, you are absolutely correct about that.

If the Alarm is triggered I am notified of such and can cancel the Alarm as well.

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I don’t care about ANY wyze notifications (especially from people who have shared to me) EXCEPT HMS “siren-ing”. Over time, I’ve adjusted the android’s wyze notifications settings to the point where I’m good… except I also don’t get HMS “siren-ing” notifications either.

If I could ONLY get HMS “siren-ing”, I may even wear my watch more, and, have my watch tell me when there is an issue at my home.

When I want to take Noonlight out of the loop to do testing on motion sensors that have caused false positives, I just leave it in Test Mode. That turns it into a ‘Self Monitored’ system (something not available without the HMS Subscription) that will still send me push notifications if on duty sensors are tripped.

I have MacroDroid set to blow up my phone and blast the most annoying siren known to mankind at full volume while continually screaming “SECURITY BREACH” at me for like a full minute (I stacked the siren and voice source files one on top of the other in the Macro) as soon as the push notification comes in.

Works well.

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Test Mode disables critical alerts on iOS.