Wyze home Monitoring Multiple Pins

I have received and activated my Wyze Home Monitoring, and I shared the hub with significant others’ Wyze account. How do I give her a pin to deactivate the alarm? Is it also possible to add her number if the alarm is triggered and I’m not able to answer my phone?

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Currently, only 1 pin and one phone number. Not sure what sharing the hub gives in the way of benefits since you can’t do anything with the hub. All alarms and control of the HMS is through the account with the HMS service. If you want others to be able to arm/disarm and cancel alarms they will need to login using your account for now.

This is currently on the #wishlist:


Agreed. Make it work Wyze!

Agreed. The system is nice and simple, but too simple in this regard. Granting access for guests while out of town or different family members is quite standard for almost all security systems. Please add this update asap.

If I had known there is only a single pin I would have got a Ring instead. Multiple users with individual pins is a seriously basic functionality. Please enable this needed functionality.

I agree. I would not have purchased this system if I had known that I cannot put in separate PINs for different users. I agree it is a basic functionality. ADT has had it for over 20 years. Without the ability to create separate PINs, you can’t give someone a temporary code. As it stands now, if I only want a guest to have the code for one week, I have to reset my own PIN and tell everyone else who uses the system there’s a new code. That’s impractical.

WYZE - I really hope you will fix this.