Wyze Home Monitoring Kit - Killing my home network?

Hi there,

I received my new Home Monitoring Kit this past weekend and each time i’ve had the base unit plugged in and active it has been destroying my home WiFi network. It’s super painful. I haven’t really been able to use it much at all as I also work from home and need my network to be functional.

My home network setup is as follows:

  • Router - TP-Link ARCHER-A7 v5
  • Router Firmware - DD-WRT (build 45229 - Jan '21)
  • WiFi - 2.4Ghz / Channel 5

Anybody else have this trouble?

How exactly is it “destroying” your WIFI?

I have the exact same router, but one firmware version back (11/20). I have added 2 RE300 extenders and set up OneMesh.

I have the hub connected wirelessly to the network. I have connected a door sensor, the motion sensor and the keypad. But, nothing has been installed yet. In fact, I put them back in their boxes for the time being.

I have not noticed any real issues yet. But I was really looking for any either. If you can provide details, I will see if I am having similar issues.

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Sorry… I suppose ‘destroying’ was not very helpful of a discription.

I can’t say for sure what is happening. All I know is that when the base station is powered on and connected to my home network… it cripples my wifi network and all of the other devices on my network (multiple laptops and mobile phones) become virtually unusable. (Internet browsing pages do not load… page timeouts)

When the base station is off… network is fine.

I also had the base station fully connected to my wyze app… to my wifi network and over connected one of the door sensors. Base station is on the latest firmware and I’m using current version of Android app.

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Does it happen in spikes? I’m only asking, because I have literally everything updated to the latest version, a computer that will put 95% others to shame wired directly to a TP-Link Archer 50 AX3000. I only started noticing it the other day. Only my phone and my laptops are the 5G, and 2 Wyze Cams and Ring Doorbell on 2.4G. Lights are via Phillips Hub wired. No switch at the moment since just the desktop and Philips Hub. About every 30min-1.5hr it will briefly disconnect, and then reconnect - usually resetting all my tab auth tokens…and it happens with and without VPNs and VMs enabled.

And Speedtests are normal with VPNs and everything else off and on. I can’t figure what it is. Only max 70% RAM usage mostly background processes with an average of 10Kb/s network activity from PC. I can’t put my finger on it. Can’t tell if it’s Microsoft or something else.