Wyze Home Monitor Keypad

I got my core starter kit in. I had at first issues adding any of the sensors to the hub. After working with support I got the contact sensors and motion to connect to hub. But keypad refuses. Already reset it. Even changed batteries. Anyone else have this issue? Still waiting on support. Kinda disappointed that I can’t get this setup and working.

Hi @briankessler and welcome the the community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
When you hold the reset button in back does the “Home” light on keypad illuminate?
Had this problem, changed battery and waiting for support, too.
Guessing replacements currently unavailable.

Yeah everything lights up like normal. Even says time out on the pad. And can’t continue setting up with out it.

Didn’t get that far. Someone else may be along to help. Meatime can point you to HMS Setup Guide.

And the services page: (https://services.wyze.com/services/)

I didn’t have any problems setting mine up. Everything went really smoothly so far, even adding V1 sensors over to the hub…so hopefully we can figure out what the cause is for yours, or get it replaced if necessary, because it should work fairly easily.

Can you check what firmware it is showing your Hub has?
Also, What App version are you using?

Also, did you add sensors by clicking on the hub then add the specific sensor from there? Or did you click add sensor from the home screen? Also, I assume you did make sure to select that you were adding the new V2 sensor instead of the V1 sensors, right? Just making sure that’s not where the issue is.

I have the starter core. App and firmware all latest version. I was following the step by step in the app. Still waiting on support. I will update if I get a solution though for the community.

You are pressing the reset button Not the Red alarm button on the side

Yes because it says connection time out on the keypad after a min. There is something wrong with the hardware but no answer from support yet.

After it times out, create a log file from the Wyze Sense Hub / Wyze Support.
Then send the Log Ticket Number in a reply to the eMail you received from Support.

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Yes I have done that already. Waiting for response back from them.