Wyze HMS keypad and hub count down mute

Would like to add the ability to mute the countdown for the hub and keypad when setting the alarm.

Muting the keypad countdown is not on the #wishlist, but the announcement feature is.

Ok I voted for that really hope it gets some votes behind it, should I close this one???

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Maybe edit and keep this part:

I would also suggest expanding this request to individually muting the countdown for all system modes.

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If that the sound that make before arming i need this, it does not make sense that it make a sound for a minute before arming, please make a uodate to be able to mute ir


We absolutely need this as an option. We keep our hub in the bedroom so that it is loud enough to wake us up if someone triggers a sensor. If me or my wife go to sleep before the other one and the system has not yet been armed then the other person can no longer set the alarm without it beeping and waking the other one up. Please give as an option to have it mute while counting down. Better yet please allow us to tie the sound to a schedule so that we can have it on during the day as a reminder and off at night when people are sleeping. I would also recommend that there be an option included that makes the lights flash instead of making the noise.


I just received my HMS and I agree that some form of “Quite Arm” for HOME mode is necessary. One suggestion of implementation is how my current Honeywell system implements it: There is an additional option shown (on the display screen of the keypad) that says “Arm Quietly”. Since the HMS does not have a display, it could be implemented by a “Long Hold” (1-2 seconds?) of the Checkmark after entering your passcode. The biggest issue I have is the lack of a “Quick Exit” function I have now on the Honeywell system. I leave to go to work at 5am and I don’t want to wake the family when I leave. The Quick Exit option gives me 30 secs to open a door and leave - all without any announcement and then returns the system to Armed Home. (note this should only be available in HOME mode).

I set up the HMS yesterday and am really pleased with all the features. I managed to set off the alarm once by mistake and was encouraged by the rapid response. My only problem was the noisy beep when I went to turn on the Home setting. One beep or the sexy male voice informing me that the Home setting was enacted would be preferable to the beeps.

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Everyone has complained about it and I hope Wyze is listening. That long beep after you arm it is very unnecessary

I noticed that there is one possible workaround that may work for some people/some homes. If you set the exit timer to 0, you can: 1) Open the door, 2) Arm the keypad, 3) Exit and close the door.

The system doesn’t care if the door that is opened when it becomes armed - it only cares about the door if it becomes opened after arming.

This doesn’t work for me since I want a motion sensor pointed in my garage, but I guess it could work for some others.