Wyze Headphones with Avantree Oasis Plus Bluetooth Transmitter?

I preordered the Wyze Headphones and I’d like to use them in bed watching TV on my Vizio LCD unit. I’m thinking of buying this bluetooth transmitter to send TV audio to the headphones and I want to confirm it would work:


That transmitter should work just fine. As with any such device the chief concern will be latency. As long as you can sync the device with the audio stream you should be fine. This will be a function of the device not the headphones.

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This is mentioned on the manufacturer’s page:

“NOTE: To achieve low latency (<40ms delay ) receiving device (headphones/speaker) must also support aptX Low Latency or you may experience a 70-220ms delay. Most brands of headphones (e.g. Sony, Bose) currently do not support aptX LL.”

Do you know if the Wyze Headphones support aptX LL?

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That may or may not be an issue. It literally depends on a number of factors. I use a set of Bose headsets that do not support aptX with a transmitter that does. I do not experience any sync issues. But some TV’s will.

No Wyze does not support aptX.