Wyze Headphones-First Day Review

Cool. I have a Watch Active 1 that probably was hanging it up as well.

I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks now but really have only been able to use them twice. Originally I had them synced to a Google Pixel 3a and had no issues syncing them within the app. I just switched to a iPhone 12 and had issues syncing within the Wyze app. I was able to get it to connect by just connecting it as a standard Bluetooth device and then I went to the Wyze app and it synced up fine after that and I was able to change the settings. The sound seems pretty good for only $50. My biggest gripe with the entire thing is that the bag that was included to store the headphones is to small. I can’t actually fit the headset in the bag without the headset band sticking out. I would love a harder case to store it in or at least a bag that the draw strings worked and would close the bag all the way. I’m hoping I just got a bad bag since I haven’t seen other people complain about this.

You have to fold them in order to fit them in the bag. They fit perfectly and there are pockets for the two cables also👍

I updated my wyze headphone to the latest firmware. I will try the mute feature next week when I’m back to work. I hope it will work.

Thank you so much. I swear I tried that the first day I had them with no luck but I went back and tried it again and the headphones fit in perfectly.

giving up

  • constant BT connectivity issues, practically not usable for a meeting
  • multipoint does not work as expected

No problem!:+1:

buttons need to be bigger
i have to take off the unit to adjust . hooked to my sony tv instantly.

buying 2 more

I tested mine today with my coworker via Teams and connected the headphones to my laptop windows 10. He said he heard some static noise, but my sound was better than before I upgraded to the latest firmware. Still the mute function (tap twice on ear cup) doesn’t work on Teams meeting. I assume it won’t work on other meeting platform as well.

tap twice on ear cup is 4 the assistant

I tried the head phones and was able to connect to my iPhone and my Lenovo ThinkPad without any issues. I am able to use effectively in zoom, webex, teams and regular phone calls.
My major issues are with the weight and fit. I feel it’s a bit heavy and too tight. I have used apple’s wired in ear and bose’ noise canceling headsets all the time. I tried many times but I still feel they are heavy.
Anyone had a similar situation?



I think the muddiness that everybody talks about is because of the ANC. It somehow comes with a heavy toll to the Music quality.

I tried the headphones with a jack connection and the sound is good and crisp.

With bluetooth there is no chance of getting that kind of sound clarity as the ANC function cannot be disabled.

It would be really important to give bluetooth the capacity to disable ANC because that can become the benchmark of how ANC sound should actually sound :slight_smile:

I am not happy at all, the noise cancellation is not working at all, the sound is cutting off every time, the switching from a phone to a laptop and backwards is awful so i have to turn off and on again in order to change devices, the headphones also turn off randomly when I am in a zoom or skype call. Everything was bad, I am even using my iphones wired headphones when I really need them to work for a videoconference or something because they are just bad

Try this. It fixed mine.

  1. In Wyze app, remove the device
  2. Put the headphone in pairing mode and add it back

If that does not solve it, reset the headphone to factory setting by press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds. Then repeat the step 1 and 2 above.

If still does not help, reach out the support team since there may be other issue is going on.


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Hello Andi, I tried doing that like 3 times but it didnt fix it

I would suggest reaching out to Wyze support team. They helped me resolve the issue. They may have other suggestion.


Figured it out!! haha…