Wyze Headphones cutting out

The GoWork arrived this afternoon. Was only able to take one 30 minute call and no crash and worked great. Cushions not as nice as Wyze headphones but will see using it more tomorrow. But heck if it doesn’t crash in a middle of a call I’ll take it.

I’m seeing what to do next with my Wyze headphones. May do what others do and use for cutting the grass. Sad but Wyze has totally missed the mark.

I did on last time reach out to Wyze support. A joke. Below is what they asked me to do.

Does it disconnects on our app? If it is;
Check your Bluetooth connection.
Wyze Headphones use a Bluetooth connection only , not WiFi. If you’re having connection issues, follow these steps:

  1. Move the Wyze Headphones close (within 30 feet) to your mobile device.
  2. Force close the Wyze app, then reopen it.
  3. Turn off your Bluetooth connection, then turn it back on.
  4. Navigate to the Wyze Headphones screen in the app and wait for it to sync.

We all know about Wyze suggestions. They are a joke. We all know they are Bluetooth, which is a given for Headphones, not Wifi.

I have a sound clip above someplace I also gave them of exactly what it is doing. It’s been a couple of months and still no fix in site.

I can no longer recommend them to anyone. In fact, avoid at all costs. I do think it has something to do with being linked to 2 devices, which it supposedly is supposed to be able to do. Like linked to my iPhone and iPad and it works with either so I don’t have to link to Bluetooth to each device back and forth over and over again.

Hey, I used them yesterday in cutting the grass. Unlike my AirPod Pro’s which work great, I don’t have to worry about the Wyze Headphones falling off and getting lost in the lawn. They work pretty well to cut down on the noise of the lawnmower. But that’s all they’re used for currently. So once a week for 30 or so minutes.

What I found laughable is WYZE sending me an e-mail to buy another one at a bit of a discount. I had to laugh at that one and deleted the email. Why would I buy a second one? They won’t even fix it what I have.

I have exactly the same issue explained by JBDragon.

I am using these headphones since April 7th and it was working fine until yesterday. What should we do now?

Like everyone else, I’ve been disheartened about the periodic re-boots of these otherwise excellent phones.

But I have an interesting observation. Being unhappy about the phones, I stopped using them for a few weeks. Before that, I had disconnected them from my iPhone and left them set up only for the iPad. Then about 2 weeks ago, I decided to try them with the iPad in a Webex conference. They worked fine for the whole event, about 1-1/2 hours. Since then, I have used them 3 or 4 times, sometimes less than 1/2 hour, sometimes more than an hour, always without the annoying re-boot.

My theory is that when the phones are set up for 2 different devices, at some point, the software checks to see whether the phones are disconnected from a source so it can power them off to save battery. When there are 2 devices to which the phones are paired, there is some defect in the logic for checking that causes the phones to see that one device is disconnected, think it means no device is connected, and then powers them off. Then, the routine that looks to see if a new device has been connected sees that there is a device requesting connection (that shouldn’t have been disconnected in the first place) and starts up the new connection (re-connection). The hypothesis, then, is that the check for disconnected devices is faulty. I suppose it doesn’t matter, because according to support, the engineering department at Wyze never checks these customer community posts to see what’s going on.

Well, I guess I’ll keep using the phones as I have been. But I am only marginally happier than I was before, because they still don’t live up to their advertised performance.

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You’re absolutely right the only time I have undesirable results is using the headset on both my PC and my phone. It was really cool to be able to pickup a phone call while jamming out on my work PC but like everyone else it’s too unreliable. Best for everyone to lower expectations and use only for one device. Although I see comments about more grass and still dropping the connection. I highly doubt that person had two devices connected?!

I have to compliment gpwidin for coming up with a very plausible explanation. Unfortunately, I have the same problem and the only device I have ever used with my Wyze headphones is my iPhone, so the headphones have never been connected to two devices.
After I joined the Beta testing group and loaded the latest Beta headphone software, I initially thought it solved my problem because it ran for about 1-1/2 hours without incident. The next day, it again worked perfectly for an hour or so. However, my celebration was cut short when the same “20-minute reboot” problem reappeared the next couple of times I used the headphones. Wyze seems uninterested in solving the problem, so I took the plunge and bought the AirPods Pro. As with other Apple products, they work flawlessly with some very cool features. My Wyze headphones are now sitting on the shelf and have the distinction of being the only Wyze product that I would never recommend to anyone. The rebooting is just too annoying and Wyze has demonstrated that they just don’t care.

I was once again mowing my lawns. I had turned off Bluetooth on my ipad, so it would only connect to my iPhone. I believe it went longer than around 20 minutes. I don’t recall it crashing. I was like Ummmmm. So later that day I turned off Bluetooth on my iPhone and iPad just to make sure the only thing it could connect to was my Desktop Windows Computer. It was back to crashing once again.

It’s been months with no new firmware update or FIX. They keep on throwing out new products while not fixing what they have.

I also seem to now have an issue with the lights for the Camera V3. They won’t turn off at all. They are on non-stop. I tried to turn them off in the app and it won’t do it. I ended up unplugging the lights. Wyze seems to have some quality issues going on with a number of their products. I’ve stopped buying anything from them at this point. They seem to be too busy pushing out more garbage without fixing what they already have out and selling.

Wyze seems to be going downhill in front of my eyes. What is going on with this company?

I agree. Here is another product.


Get the current headphones working first. Pretty sad how Wyze is starting to act like a Dot Com company trying to have products in every market instead of stabilizing existing products.

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Figures I noticed a new beta update. Will give it a go tomorrow on calls.

Well, it looks like they didn’t fix the issue. It says fixed a bug causing them to crash during calls. Well every single one of many, many of my crashes had nothing to do with a single call. I guess I’m going to find out when I get home.

Well, I’m home now trying it out and NOPE!!! CRASH!!! All I’m doing to using them as I watch a video on my Windows 10 Desktop. ZERO Calls and still crashing. So NO, they haven’t fixed the issue. This is the new Beta version I installed. So the headphones are still pretty much worthless. That sucks!!!

7:04 Crash
7:23 Crash
7:42 Crash
8:07 Crash

At that point I turned them off. All I’m doing is streaming YouTube on my Windows 10 Desktop.

Yeah - after buying a whole range of Wyze products, I won’t buy another of their products until they fix the headphones…or even acknowledge that there is a problem that they are actively working to fix. They used to care about their customers. Perhaps they are just trying to build the company into something that Amazon wants to acquire, just like Eero (although Eero WiFi routers worked great both before and after the Amazon acquisition).

Whats the point in the headphones if they just crash in the middle of work tasks. How is this not being addressed?

I have no idea why it’s not being addressed. This is my second pair in fact. They sent me a second pair early on when these came out as they were doing it back then when they launched. I got the second pair and the exact same problem. I send the first pair back to them. To this day with this second pair, it’s still doing it. I’m sure you can find my sound clip above. I sent that to them also. After months, their fix is for a crashing on Phone calls I guess. Yet all my crashes had nothing, ever to do with phone calls.

Wyze keeps pushing more new stuff out, I’ve stopped buying from them. I have these headphones I really own use now when mowing my lawn. I’d use my AirPod pro’s which work great and also have ANC, but they’re so small and tend to fall out at times. I don’t want to lose one in the grass or start digging around for them. I don’t have that issue with the Wyze headphones. Nice and large. So I use them to cut back the drone of the lawnmower quite a bit. Play some music or hear something on YouTube. I only have to deal with 1 or 2 crashes when I’m mowing my lawn before I’m done. Then they get turned off and not used for another week. They are reduced to lawnmower headphones.

Will they ever be fixed? Who knows, but I no longer recommend them to anyone. A number of people are going to be disappointed when this update comes out to everyone, once out of Beta. Nope, still crashing!!!

I have a bunch of Wyze Products also. I’m not ordering anything else at this time. I was interested in their new Light, the one on the stand. I would have ordered it, but I refused to do it. I’m sure not going to get their new Ear Buds. Not that I really need those. This Saturday or Sunday, I’ll be putting on the Wyze headphones once again to mow my lawns.

I’m actually using the charging cable for the Wyze headphones for a new Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2, as I needed the type C connector to power it up. It’s the only one I have currently. It’s not like I need it much to charge the Headphones up. They’re not being used much to drain the battery. So I found a use for the Charging cable. So at least something positive has come out of it. You can also look at it as an expensive cable. Win-Lose? But hey, the cable is being used 24 hours a day for the last couple of days. So at least the charging cable is good. It’s a full USB Type C cable. Not one that only works for charging. So there is something positive.