Wyze Headphones cutting out

Found out my headphones were bluetooth connected through 2 different devices. PC and Phone. This might be the cause. Your phone can automatically detect and connect to a bluetooth device it is familiar with. Make sure you are only connected to one bluetooth device.

Thanks to your help, I installed Firmware Version 2.1.126 through the Beta testing program. I have been using the headphones for dozens of hours over the past couple of weeks and have had ZERO issues!!! I have tried it on Transparency and Noise Cancelling Modes, as well as Off Mode, and they have all worked flawlessly. The headphones have always been super comfortable and the battery life is good, so I wanted to thank you for your help!!!

I also installed the beta firmware and it solved the dropping issue. Im on for 60 mins right now and the headphones are connected to both my PC and iPhone.

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Still an issue for with the beta software.

Yes, the problem hasn’t been fixed. I’m running Beta and it’s still crashing on me around the 20-minute mark. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet???

Issue is still happening for me, even on the new firmware released yesterday.

What version are you on? I’m on 2.1.126 and still have the issue.

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Yes, 2.1.126 here.

Just noticed this issue yesterday at work. I bought these specific for the office and assumed this was due to low battery? I haven’t had a lengthy convo yet mostly use the headset for music drowning out noise. I’ll take note today on version 2.1.126.

Mine, which are on the beta firmware, are now running for ~60 minutes, then cutting off and reconnecting. I thought they were fixed as they worked for two back-to-back 30 min Google Meet calls when I updated the firmware. They are performing better than before, but its still an issue.

Same here but would love to go a day without an issue.

@WyzeGwendolyn - any luck when this will be corrected?

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All this time and still no Firmware to fix this really annoying bug that almost makes the headsets worthless. At this point, I only use them when mowing my lawn for the ANC. 1 or 2 crashes and I’m done with the lawn. I don’t even need any music playing, just use the ANC to greatly kill the noise from the lawnmower.

They’re pretty worthless to put on, sit back and listen to some tunes as they’re crashing on me every 20 minutes. How do you relax to that??? Yet no update. but hey, I have another firmware update for the outside cameras as the base station. Headphones have been forgotten it seems. I won’t recommend them to anyone. If you want customer support, don’t look in Wyze’s direction either. I’m on version 2.1.126. for quite some time now. They seem in no hurry to fix this bug that makes their headsets worthless. It’s been like this since I had them when I ordered them at the $50 price point. How many months now has it been since these have been released, and the whole time they’ve been doing this. Wyze quality control and support stink.

I want to like them, but WYZE will not fix their Headphones!!! DO NOT BUY WYZE HEADPHONES!!! Hell, Do not buy WYZE in general. They just don’t seem to care.

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@ryanncrosby and @WyzeGwendolyn

Read the comments. I’m a big Wyze fan but this is out of hand. Communicate if a fix is coming even if we have to wait a few weeks. No update and continued frustration.

Love the feel of the headphones but the stability is terrible and about to give up. Which is sad as I have one still new in the box and wanted to give to someone but don’t want to have them experience the instability we all are having now.

I’ll be shopping this weekend for a headset if no updates on a fix. Sad.

Please respond to all the Wyze headphone supporters.

@Cdolphs The forum is primarily a user to user community. Wyze employees do not always respond here. Have you contacted Customer Support (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT?

Yes but will try again. I have also submitted logs. Any chance you can provide and update on the headphones issues?

I’ve already been through Wyze Support. Not exactly speedy!!! I ended up getting replacement headphones that did the exact same thing!!! I’ve sent in logs. I send in a short sound clip of it actually happening!!! It can be found up above someplace also. It’s been a couple months and NOTHING. My headphones are still for the most part worthless.

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Thinking about moving on. So sad as I love the comfort of the headphones but performance is terrible.

@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeMichaelD @WyzeLi @WyzeJimmy @WyzeHerman

Someone at Wyze please please address this issue.

Sad sad sad that Wyze is not updating us all on a fix. Meanwhile I get an email about being an earlier supporter of the Wyze headphones and a code to purchase another one at 10% off.

I just ordered a new headset for $49 but not from Wyze.

Support contacted me and sent me a replacement. Still, I have to have Bluetooth turned off on my iPhone to use these longer than 20-30 minutes when connected to my computer via Bluetooth.

I’m in the beta program, latest firmware, (It’s like the cold cable modem days - “did you reboot your router”?)

Not sure what Rebooting my router would have to do with anything? These connect by Bluetooth, NOT Wifi. I’d be outside mowing the lawn with just my iPhone and the Headphones are crashing approx every 20 minutes. My Desktop- inside my house is off. At this point, the only time I use them is mowing the lawn. As the ANC works well for that, other than when the headphone reboots. It kills most of the mower noise.

I’d wear my AirPod Pro’s as they have ANC, but they tend to fall out and I don’t want to lose one in my lawn. Kind of hard to do with the much larger Wyze Headphones. I can live with the crashing every 20 minutes mowing the lawn. But trying to kick back and relax with some tunes with they’re crashing every 20 minutes? No!!! It really just sucks.