Wyze Headphones cutting out

Not running the beta app, so don’t have access to that new firmware. Awaiting your results anxiously.

Keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve been connected to my Windows 10 laptop and my iphone now for at least an hour since the update, when I posted that. So far, no shutdowns. Will keep playing media back and forth on both trying to stress test it.

In the release notes it says “Fixed a bug that caused the auto power off to activate when in a call”

So hopefully.

Wow - my version is v2.1.112, so that seems like a potentially significant update. The addition of OFF is probably intended to better align with the AirPods Pro that includes the OFF setting in addition to ANC and Transparency modes. Ironically, I am so frustrated with the Wyze headphones rebooting issue that yesterday I ordered a set of AirPods Pro from Apple. Yes, it’s a lot more expensive than the Wyze headphones, but are times that I want something that is reliable due to the inconvenience of the rebooting issue.

I have some Jabra Elite 85Ts in addition to these so I’m good on that front but I get it. My phone calls for the day were done but in watching shows and listening to music for several hours I didn’t have any reboots. Cautiously optimistic.

This is great news. Hoping this is it. How do you get on the beta program? How long is a firmware update in beta before releases if no issues found in beta?

A lot of us have our fingers crossed, so thanks for keeping us informed.

I figured out how to get on the beta program and just updated the firmware. Excited to go to work tomorrow and see how it goes. I’ll know within the first 2 hours. Haha.

I’ve been on the Beta, installed the update and,…NOPE!!! It didn’t do anything to fix this issue!

I just joined the Beta; updated my iPhone Wyze app through TestFlight; and filled out all the tester information on the Wyze website. However, my app still says that my headphones have the latest firmware version at 2.1.112. What’s the trick to get the latest Beta version of the firmware for the headphones, even though JBDragon had no luck with the Beta update?

Are you downloading the WYZE app through TestFlight? 2.1.126 is the current Beta version.

In the Wyze app go to About then Beta. Once in there you can pick what Wyze devices you want to participate in with beta firmware.

Yeah I was just a Zoom call for work and 31 mins in I heard the garbling sound and it crashed and rebooted. So the issue is not fixed, at least not 100%. Will be submitting my logs to them after the call.

Same here I had it crashed 2 twice today. Once after 18 mins another after 25 mins. I had one time 24 minute no issues.

Will send logs after current call and looking forward to another update. :frowning:

Thanks! I never thought to look under “About.” Now my app looks different, and “Firmware Update” gave me options for updating my headphones and cameras. Based on the lack of success from you folks, I don’t have any hope that this will fix the issue. However, it should allow me to get an early update to a future software fix.

I did go one hour today before a crash one time but then it won’t reconnect so had to switch to my other non Wyze headset.

24 minute call no crash
18 minutes crashed
25 minutes crashed
61 minutes crashed

Now not usable but will troubleshoot when free.

If I turn off Bluetooth on my iPhone, these work all day. Disconnecting does nothing.

Oddly, I have the Wyze app installed on my iPad as well, and that is sitting 3 feet from me with Bluetooth on. What a freaky bug.

Interesting. I’ll try that tomorrow and see if I get different results.