Wyze has blocked access from my country

No, they don’t make it clear. At all. It’s a camera. It’s not a thermostat, not a doorbell. It worked flawlessly for 2 years now… And suddenly it’s not, cause they don’t support other countries? It’s tough for anyone to sell that.

Try finding a list on Wyze’s website of forbidden countries, or countries which Wyze is not supported in. You will not find it. Cause there isn’t one.

Do you plan to respond or do you just want to keep ignoring this as if it doesn’t exist?

Just need to know whether this crap will be fixed. If not, then I can know, so I can throw the cameras in the trash rather than keep wasting my time with these foolish products.

When you contacted them did you do it via phone or by other means. I get told to have you contact support. My guess is they need to get information from you to figure out the issue. Another route you can try since you think the issue is you being blocked would be to email security@wyze.com with as much of the info as you have pertaining to what is happening and maybe they can figure it out.



I called a fourth time on the phone and reported that my country was blocked by Wyze servers, but nothing. They opened another Wyze Ticket 2378592 for me and again nothing. The Wyze team is completely disinterested in solving this problem. I am totally disappointed. Waste of money for cameras and sensors. And this Forum is of no use either…

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The AWS or Wyze servers do indeed block some IP’s
When my VPN randomly grabs certain IP’s my Wyze Cams do not work and I have to force an IP change on the VPN.

Eventually I will have all those IP ranges blocked on the VPN

Exactly same problem . My cameras (21- v2/v3 ) are in Serbia too, two years already. .All of them two weeks ago went offline .
Login is now possible only if using VPN (doesn’t matter US or Europe server) but even with VPN is not possible to setup cam again (timeout or cam can’t recognize QR code) . Without VPN always wrong password or user name error. Still even with VPN all cam’s are offline.
I have all together around 50 cameras (yes i know its a lot :smiley: but is a big property ) , all other cam’s(Blink,Inqmega…) ,Alexa , other wifi devices working normally, Only problem with Wyze!
Also Eero app shows up/down activity for all offline cameras , they upload /download every day …

Ticket( 2343884)) opened 10 days ago and still no solution from Wyze support

I got response from their "higher tech specialist " - he suggested to reboot modem or call my service provider :confused: bs

total disaster

Finally answer !!!

This is a great thing.

Have a security issue? Just block a whole country. It’s easier that way. No announcements, nothing, just block a whole country outright, then tell the people in that country who are having issues that it’s their own problem. Ridiculous.

The Wyze User Accounts Server has recently been heavily targeted by Credential Stuffing hackers attempting to match email addresses and passwords from dark web databases to Wyze User accounts and pull personal data from those accounts that reuse old or weak passwords (or both) and do not choose the added security benefit of 2FA.

It is highly probable that Wyze Security has traced the origins of those attacks to Serbia and has made the decision to block access from that region to defend against future attacks, thereby protecting it’s users’ personal account information.


Nobody else is interested in Wyze data except some hacker in Serbia :roll_eyes: …and what now? I have now 21 plastic bricks and i spent ten days to explain Wyze support that my wifi is ok.

or…maybe they have again some flaw in security like last time and instead to fix problem they simply block whole country …

These hackers are everywhere. And, they aren’t after Wyze data, they are after user data inside the user accounts to build detailed profiles to be used for financial gain later.

I am confident that Serbia hasn’t been the first, only, or last region blocked.

The only flaw in the security is that they didn’t mandate 2FA long ago before the targeting. Hackers have no interest in 100% 2FA servers. The critical flaw here is that a vast majority of the users have reused & weak credentials and have not enabled 2FA.

So this is the old problem, same like last time when 2+ mil user data leaked . I hope that this time Wyze not going to spend again three years to fix everything.

Which is exactly the reason for mandating the 2FA now. Unfortunately the user reaction to making their vulnerable account information inaccessible on the most basic user account login level was quite severe. Users, on the whole, don’t want to be responsible or accountable for their own account security. It is much easier for them to push that individual responsibility onto Wyze and then hold Wyze accountable when their credentials are compromised.

If users are going to continue to hold Wyze accountable for the individual account security they refuse to employ, blocking regions of known hacking activity is an appropriate security measure.

It really sucks to be the legitimate user who is in that region, but the hackers and users have forced this security measure, not Wyze.

You have a busy day today man :smiley: ,i am sorry .
I understand but when i bought my Wyze cameras i didn’t notice warning -"your country may be blocked " ! :imp: ( I guess Wyze didn’t miss chance to put something similar in the fine print).
Wyze clearly stated that cameras working outside of the US, cam plus subscription as well . Ok, i spend money and i expect things to work , Only, they don’t say how long will work :roll_eyes: …until first cyber attack. So here we are ,i have now 21 plastic bricks .

Thank you for your time to explain everything , i posted also question on Wyze FB group but my post is not approved . Obviously Wyze hiding maybe something bigger and they don’t want public attention.

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Please continue to work with the Wyze Cybersecurity Team (security@wyze.com) to reestablish connectivity for your devices.

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I am not debating that the decision by Wyze has negatively affected your account access and therefore also the use of your cams and other installed IoT. And… That sucks!

Looking at this pragmatically, it is admittedly unlikely that you will be successful in getting the ban lifted.

I agree with @Seapup. The best option right now is to work with Wyze Security to see if there is some way, with added security measures, that access to your account can be restored. Failing that option, the next step I would take is to request a refund for the cost of the hardware that has now been rendered ineffective.

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Do you have a link I can reference to where Wyze clearly said they are currently officially operating outside North America? I’d like to pass that reference on to someone at Wyze so this can be looked into.

EDIT: Just saw the email Wyze security sent you up higher in the thread. I would follow their instructions and keep working with them.