Wyze Hardware Beta Testers Career Opportunities

I would love to become a beta tester…I been building and repairing computers since 1992. I own 3 wyze cam pans and looking for ways to improve them for different environments being weather or distance to the router… choose me! :slight_smile:

I also would be very willing to be a Beta tester, I have Beta tested a number of products and would provide the best feedback to help with product development, thanks

I would love to be a beta tester for products, I have a lot of experience testing devices and giving constructive input. I have no problems with NDA’s and adhering to the promise before, during and after the testing period.

yes would love to i have experience

I would love to be a BETA tester but I’m far from an expert using computers. Maybe thats what you need?

Sign me up, please!

Hi, everyone! We have a form to fill out these days if you’re interested. Here’s the info! We added in a hardware testing section. :slight_smile:


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This program is not open to Canadians.

Not unless you have a US address we can send to, unfortunately. We’re still not an international company and we don’t have international shipping. We apologize for not being able to have you in the testing groups yet. :frowning:

“we don’t have international shipping”…this is 2018 not 1820, I live in Vancouver BC , 30 minutes from Washington State. On Friday I received a package from China via UPS, Amazon delivered my Wyze camera in two days. Perhaps Wyze admin staff could contact Amazon and find out what magic is used to deliver to Canada.

Wayze is not a billion dollar company…

"Walyze " ???

@garyw you seem to really dislike Wyze even though you really want to test their products. More goes into being an international company than being able to ship over a border. After all, you are still getting their products through Amazon, you just can’t test their non-production hardware. I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape.


Just coming to revisit this post that ignited something magical!

Like I’ve mentioned I’ve alpha tested a couple products and beta tested countless. Literally countless. Granted all in sim racing world but it’s very technologically advanced. In fact in the 8 years I tested we went from just above toys to products real drivers use to train with. I was also instrumental in making sure we had a cohesive ecosystom. I didnt want people coming to us fior product that we were good at. Be great at all and buikd a loyal customer baee. I even ran and oversaw adding new members the last 3 years.

Link to previous test company


Who do I contact about this message I’m receiving when I clicked on 2 recent testing opportunities.

“Thank you for your interest in joining our testing community! We’ll need to evaluate your account but you’ll be notified when you’re able to return and resume the registration process.”

I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. The last testing was for the spotlight with V3 camera. Did most of the testing but then got injured and had to stop. Couldn’t and still can’t climb up any ladder. So I never finished my initial review.

Whom should I contact? Thanks.

I would love to work from home , test, evaluate the hardware and software for Wyze as a Hardware/Beta software tester. I do not want to beta test if unpaid. I would like this to be a career path.
I have been in the IT field over 20 years and would love to work remotely for WYZE.