Wyze h@ck3rs via app, anyone?

I’ve been the victim of identity fraud/theft, and absolutely have been hacked recently, if not currently as well. As a slow learner with tech in general, I cannot keep pushing to use these cams based on the above information.

For me, the cams are connected to my Gateway/router on the right channel but the app is telling me the connection failed.

I’ve tried everything on the forums and help page but to no avail.

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Are you using the wifi that came from your cable/Internet provider or did you upgrade to a better system. You need good wifi for video

Also if your on a Android phone that has upgraded to Android 11 you might experience some connection issues regardless of the quality of your Wifi.

What “information”? It’s literally one anecdote of one person who may or may not have malware on his phone, with the chances of that malware being a Wyze product approximately 0.0%, give or take a zero percent.

I’m sorry you’ve had trouble but fear of hacking is way, way down on the list of reasons someone might choose a different product. I think you need a geek in your life. :slight_smile:


Omg … I can relate to your story . I recently have been hacked remotely . Still am . My experience started w my camera notifying movement in my apt. When I went to look at the app … it asked me to sign in which has never happened … I put in my password … didn’t work … when I got home … I reset the password … I looked at the video … it blinked off !! And came back later … I never connected me being hacked w this experience … until now ! Same phone issues … and more !! A lot more …

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