Wyze GoPro type camera

I’m loving my WYZE Cam Pan but I’m ready to beg for an affordable gopro competitor from WYZE! I just want something to record my motorcycle commute but refuse to shell out the dough for a gopro. Keep up the great work!


I’m not sure how to get this topic moved to #wishlist, but hopefully we can get @Loki, @WyzeGwendolyn or any other Wyze team member to move it! I would certainly vote for it!


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Yes!!! Wyze go pro.!!! So I can put it in my vehicle!!! Oh so want!!!

I would like to see a camera that we can mount on our motorcycle helmet.

I would like to see a Wyze come out with an activity cam like a GoPro

Have there been any rumblings about Wyze doing an action cam? My GoPro would be gathering dust by now if Wyze had made this already. I don’t know what they would do better, but I do know what they would do it without brand name inflation