Wyze Gateway - securing to outlet?

We have an AirBnb with a Wyze Lock (deadbolt/keypad) and Gateway that work great. On occasion, however, a guest will unplug the Gateway (despite a label/warning on it), and we lose remote access and visibility.

Can anyone recommend a bracket or some physical device to secure the Gateway hardware to the outlet? All of my searches for “lock” bring up results regarding “Wyze Lock” which is making it harder to search. I have done basic Amazon and Home Depot product searches for some type of outlet bracket with no luck there either.

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You can potentially try something like a Thermostat Locking Cover:

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Something like this is on Amazon, but given that the Gateway may cover screw the linked solution may not work.

An alternative idea:

Dunno how comfortable you are with DIY but, a cheap easy solution I just came up with based on your need…

You could get some zip strips in length, thickness, and color of choice/need.

Measure and drill out appropriate sized holes in your outlet cover.

Run the zip strip through the holes

Reattach ensuring the zip strip is not covering the receptacle.

Plug in gateway and zip it down.

Obviously if you ever have to “Power cycle” the device you will need to snip and replace the zip tie.
But still pretty inexpensive approach . Also eliminating potential wifi dampening of a covering, not that I think a plastic box would block the signal much.


what a simple great solution. Leave it to you to come up with a unique idea. :slight_smile:


I do like the suggestion by @R.Good as this is cheap and simple in resolving your need without spending much $$$.

You could also install this in a closet by adding new wiring to a location that a customer is less likely to get to or an attic with a power source up there (Some have electrical boxes there).

There may be AirBnB customers who wish to unplug most electronic devices for fear of camera spying on them in a location they dont want to be seen.


Wish I had color matching zip strips that were thinner and longer to look more appealing, but I ran with what I had :wink: .

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Very clever - thank you for sharing!

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That might do the trick - thank you for the idea!

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Hmm, you could also get creative and put it on a light socket adapter, preferably in a discreet ceiling fixture or perhaps porch light.


Oh, much better idea than the light socket, if range is not an issue, how about hidden in the outlet behind the refrigerator or stove or microwave?


Big metal boxes and RF typically don’t play nicely together. It might work if the door was in the opposite direction.

Well, that’s what a discreet wire antenna hack is for?

Meanwhile, this seems to be a dedicated product for this purpose. It’s still defeatable with a screwdriver though.

So plastic then?

Re: being defeatable with a screwdriver, I’m really just looking for low energy deterrence here so think this might do the trick. The hardest part will be screwing it to the face plate since that will be covered/blocked by the Gateway - although that should also make it less likely to get removed. Thanks!

No I think it will be easy. From a quick reading it looked like you can screw the adapter down before locking your regular plug into it. Oh and it’s also removable by squeezing it, so …

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With the outdoor cover, will the FAT gateway fit???