Wyze Garage Door Opener Hack – Not Compatible Chamberlain C203

you may even print it across 2 pages and not go somewhere to get it enlarged. Then tape together. At that distance, it seems to be more forgiving. Mine is not fully black and it copied the folds. :slight_smile:

I literally am doing this exact method tomorrow, just waiting for the unit to arrive. Already did the solder job on the garage remote. Happened to google wyze garage controller hack and found this. Great minds think alike?

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Wyze may want to do what Tailwind has done…market an already hacked (prewired by Tailwind) opener for the Chamberlain devices. I bought one for $50. I am ok with soldering but it wasn’t worth it for me to do it at the Tailwind price. For this reason, I stuck with the Tailwind and just have a v3 looking at the garage from a tall shelf.

Finally got the opener. Failed at QR code validation. I know the leads from the remote work, because if you short them the garage opens.

That’s all the two wires from the opener do, correct, it completes the circuit? I’m at a loss why this doesn’t work. I thought I was being clever. Maybe not.

Get an “Operation failed” message when I click (in the app) to open the door.

Of course the camera was DOA out of the box so I wonder if something is squirrelly with the opener part as well.

So when you manually short the two terminals that you connected the Wyze GDC to on the GDO, the door opens? But it doesn’t open when you press the Open button during the QR code calibration process? If so, that does sound like the possibility of a bad GDC, or a bad V3 (accessory control circuitry).

You said your camera was DOA. Very bad luck to have the GDC bad too! Are you using another V3? If so be aware you need to swap to the replacement V3 when it arrives, and that replacement V3 should have a round pigtail (shielded cable).

You may want to call Support for a replacement. They will probably have you test the controller to make sure the unit is really bad:

IMHO, Wyze could make a GDC by using only contacts. Of course, you’re then dealing with battery life, but it still seems as though it could be a more simply solution than using an entire camera (which we all love). Just a door sensor could work - if I can already receive notifications for an open door / window. Why add the expense of the camera? Could you not create the “receiver” side to wire to the existing GDO? Granted, there’s the design expense vs using a camera - but it seems it could be at least equally reliable.

This issue sounds like the interval for inching is too high. Try about .5 seconds (is my suggestion).

Sonoff also makes a Sonoff Wifi Switch, USB DC5V Wireless Relay Module Switch (Voice Control with Alexa Google, etc.)

This uses a 5V DC power supply and can be easily configured to close the relay for 0.5 second, thereby triggering a push button event on your door. I attached this directly to my door opener and it works like a charm - very simple - no hacks required. Only US$ 13.59 each on Amazon.

See: https://www.amazon.com/Sonoff-Wireless-Automation-Modules-Control/dp/B07FJ77MZ9

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