Wyze Garage Door Controller - First Impression

Does anyone have issues with closing the garage door when vehicles are parked outside the garage? I believe it thinks there are cars in the way or something.

Thank you Jugtree!! I have a new Aladdin(Genie) garage door opener that has built-in connectivity. The old opener was so noisy, it could be heard in the street, 40 feet away, when I opened or closed the door. The issue, though, is how often I lose that connectivity. When I do, I have to get out my long ladder and go up 15 feet into the open attic of the garage, unplug the the opener, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. This process is not something my wife is fond of. I’m 82 years old, and she’s not happy with me being on a ladder. Now, thanks to you, I’ll plug a Wyze Plug into the outlet and the opener into the Wyze Plug. Then when I need to disconnect the opener, all it takes is going into the Wyze app, turning the plug off for 30 seconds, and turning it back on. Of course, what that probably means is, once I have the Wyze Plug in place, I’ll never have to do anything with that opener again. Ah well.


I believe requiring a user to check the camera prior to operating the door is an intentional safety check; as this gives one an opportunity to confirm the area around the door is clear before attempting to open or close it.

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Careful - I don’t believe the Wyze plug has settings for “power failure recovery” like the Wyze lamps do.
In the event of a power failure the plug may stay off until you try to use it and realize it isn’t working.

There are other outlets that you can set “On after power failure” like wemo etc.

If the Wyze plug does set On by default, then disregard this note…

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I have a wireless garage door opener (Linear Pro by Precision Garage Door) including a MyQ opener for Amazon deliveries. I also use my V3 Cam for surveillance.

I would suppose the MyQ would work well if I used the Alexa app in my car to tell Alexa to open my garage door. My issue is the Linear app and geofencing doesn’t work well, the MyQ has its own set of issues fiddling with the Ring/Amazon app. And then there is Wyze with the Cam. Oh yeah, the IFTTT app cannot seem to produce the results I need.

So, wouldn’t it be nice for Wyze to get their integration to work with existing garage doors? Google integration to open/close the door with just the Wyze and V3 Cam, and Amazon deliveries all in one. Maybe a V3 software update and QR code sticker would then allow me to get ride of the MyQ garage door opener, but still need the Google and Amazon integration.

Let’s not be so hard on Wyze complaining that they should get their integration to work with existing garage doors". This issue of unusual or Yellow learning button GDOs is not new. Wyze is not the only GDC device manufacturer having these difficulties. Years before the MyQ existed, I was shopping for a Alexa/Google supported device. I tried several, Meross, Nexx, and a couple of others. $70-$100+ for them. And none would work out of the box because of my Yellow Button. Watched a bunch of YouTube stuff before I found a simple DIY approach that cost me only $6 to install. Sacrificed a spare remote to make it work, and replaced it with a generic one off eBay for $10.

Point is, Wyze just stepped into this space. And they are not going to solve it soon - the Yellow Button issue - look for another way around it, because this is not new.

Wow, sorry if I hit a nerve. But to respond to your question: Unfortunately Wyze has not established a good track record with quality, especially in software. Good luck with your GDO and hope it misses you.


Wasn’t being hard on Wyze. My point was “wouldn’t it be nice if…”

My point was that it would be nice if I could just use my Wyze app for mostly every widget in the house as I’m fully integrated with Wyze products except for my thermostat, wireless irrigation system, outdoor cams and garage door to name a few that I currently don’t use with Wyze. Besides already owning those I don’t see the need to switch, but would have preferred a solution for a garage door opener that would work with Amazon deliveries and Google and does a much better job that the products some of us have. Some of us find Amazon deliveries inside our garage more important. I do agree this solution for a camera and garage door opener will satisfy probably millions of households, but there are still limitations. Add geofencing, telling Google or Siri to open my garage door and allowing deliveries, not just Amazon, inside a garage? Whomever does that will corner the market, even for renters.

I hear ya, but many Wyze owners will tell you integration sells! I’ll be honest I don’t know all the limitations of the garage door opener because it doesn’t appear to address my needs. I will include I have 3 air purifiers in my home (2 Blueair and 1 Honeywell) which are rated as # 3 and 4 on Consumer Reports list. I found Wyze’s air purifier’s specs interesting that I purchased one, because it should address my needs.

I know with my meross GD opener, If I ask Alexa to open it I have to put in a password and there was no way around it. (App upgrades may have changed that.) My locks are like that as well. This prevent someone from yelling in the door and have Alexa open it. But you don’t need a password to close it. I just use the opener in my car as who knows who is sitting in your car when you or you family go to open the door.

I just flip off the breaker and then back on after a time to reset my garage door stuff. I also have two wall switches that I have to do that to once in a while. I was an early adapter of this wifi switch stuff and those two switches are old. Some day I will replace them.

I would agree except for the fact one can schedule the door to automatically close without having to check the camera first. If it can be scheduled to close it should be able to be scheduled to open. There’s less danger when the door opens than when it closes.

My experience with Meross and Nexx was within weeks of each other. I complained to Nexx and they told me that the PIN to open was not their idea. Amazon directed them to do it or refused to sell their product.

Not everyone has the same needs/requirement. My side garage door is always standing open, and is not visible from the street. So, I don’t need to password protect opening my garage door by choice. But locking the house’s door is a completely different issue.

Hence the reason for the closing sequence of initiating warning beeps from the GDC before actually closing the door via schedule or manual operation. This gives someone a “heads up” to move out of the way if they are too close to the path of travel.

The Wyze Garage Door Opener should work with most if not all motorized gate as well. All the Wyze needs to do is short out the gate controller’s signal line for the given duration. Usually a minimum of around 1/4 second (250ms). The gate controller’s electronics is just looking for a “square wave” pulse of minimum duration to trip the door.

I have a A8 gate motorized arm & controller (Amazon). I use three ways to control it:

  1. The kit’s provided key fob
  2. The kit’s waterproof access button on the interior side of the gate
  3. My own added Sonoff WiFi controller inside the gate control waterproof box

All three are parallel connected to the motherboard’s signal pins and the motherboard can’t tell what triggered it just that a trigger was received.

Almost 95+% of the time I use the Sonoff method because I can use its “eWeLink” app or use Google Voice command on my smartphone. “Hey Google, Turn on the driveway gate”. I also have a separate Sonoff on my Garage door, “Hey Google, Turn on the garage door”. From the controller’s point of view, somebody just pressed the door open/close button.

Again, the only obstacle to using Wyze here is the gate opener’s square wave pulse duration and I’m not sure what the default duration of the Wyze Garage Door kit is. But if it can be adjusted to some arbitrary length then it improves the chances of it working across many door controller’s on the market. The feature to control the duration is sometimes called “inching” – at least that’s what its called in the eWeLink app and I set it for 500ms for both my gate and garage door.

BTW, the pulse width is used by garage door opener for other features. If the pulse is very quick like under 20ms (too fast for humans), it will trigger the door opener’s light. That 20ms is generated electronically at door’s wall plate and is tied to a small button next to the large main door activation button, This way a single physical line can activate many different actions based on the pulse width. The starts to look like PWM signaling where you could control hundreds of separate distinct actions via a single wire. So its possible I could configure my eWeLink garage door’s connection to issue a 20ms (or shorter) pulse and it would trigger the garage light instead of the garage door.

“There’s less danger when the door opens…”

From getting pinched in the door, sure. But people could schedule their home to be unlocked and open, which might be considered a safety risk in some cases.

It’s not a technical problem, but it’s still a potential safety issue.

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The safety issue, if there is one, is a personal choice that should not be dictated by big brother. Wyze has proven they can utilize scheduling and geolocation to automate their equipment. Yet, they seem to pick and choose, without rhyme or reason, which devices get those features.

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What brand/model opener is that? It looks very similar to my LiftMaster 8164W, which does not appear to be compatible. There must be some kind of “smarts” built into the wall switch, as simply shorting the switch terminals does nothing — this makes sense as the two-wire switch controls multiple functions (i.e., open/close, light on/off, and wifi pairing mode).

Champerlain Liftmaster Professional Model 3255 with orange button won’t open or close through the app button even though it’s installed. I did as the video showed, wrapped the red wire with the white wire, and the black wire with the black striped wire. Then I stuck the wires into the same connections holes as before. If I push the app button to close the door I hear the warning alarm (the controller box flashes white light) AND if I manually try to close the garage door before the warning alarm ends it will stop the door and send it back to open. So, I know something is right. But it will not move the garage door through the app button. Any advice?

As long as there are people that disregard the obvious safety measures, and then turn around and sue Wyze for creating an “attractive nuisance” security flaw, it isn’t actually a personal choice, it’s a public choice.

Sorry, but it isn’t personal.

Yeah…actually it is.