Wyze Garage Controller, can’t close with Alexa because it thinks it’s already closed

I just set up a voice pin in Alexa and it lets me open the garage door using the Wyze Garage Controller. Awesome! But then…not so awesome. Alexa can’t close the garage door once I’ve opened it. Instead it says the garage door is closed. It is very clearly open. The wyze app Home Screen is not updated with the open status, says closed. If I click on the garage camera device then click the open/close toggle button, the door closes.

Wyze, it looks like you need to sync/push the garage door state when opened via Alexa. In addition, maybe force Alexa to issue a close command even if it thinks the door is closed.

Anyone else running into this issue?

I’m noticing that this issue is not localized to Alexa. If I open the garage door with the Wyze app, the home page shows the garage door as closed even when opened.

I get the correct notifications/events for open/closed from app, manual and voice assistant initiated actions.

The only way you could get the GDC believing the door is closed when it isn’t (without a bug) is to put the QR code on a wall in sight of the camera, and not the door. You guys didn’t do this, did you?

Also, the home page will not show the current state of the garage door unless the home page was just entered, or you do a pull-down to refresh. Does your home page show an incorrect status after a refresh?

If the problems persist after the above, then we need to get the GDC PM in on this.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Same or similar problem here. Alexa opens the garage door just fine. Telling Alexa to close the door does not work. She responds with the expected closing/closed announcement, but the door does not move. However, if I tell her to OPEN the door while it is open, the door closes and she tells me it has opened.