Wyze Floodlight Review

I decided to purchase the Wyze floodlight since I have several Wyze cameras and have been pleased with their performance for the most part. When Wyze introduced a camera/light combo I decided to give it a try.
I purchased my Wyze floodlight through Home Depot several weeks ago. Initially I planned on returning it due to an installation issue which I will describe later but then I decided to keep it. The following is my review based on a few weeks of use.

I looked at a couple of installation videos and the process looked very easy but I quickly ran into an issue. The base diameter of the Wyze floodlight is 5”. The diameter of the typical round electrical box is 4”. If your box is mounted flush and on a flat surface, the installation is quick and easy. However, if your box is a surface mount box like mine as shown in the photo, you are faced with a real issue. Also, if your box is flush and not on a flat surface, like beveled siding, you may have an issue if the lip of the siding is too close to the edge of the box. The Nest floodlight also has a 5” diameter base but Nest provides a base adapter which solves the overall mounting issue. Wyze does not include a similar adapter. My first thought was to return the light but I did want to use the Wyze camera so I decided to make my own adapter. I cut a 5 ¼”circle out of ¼” lexan and mounted it to the electrical box with screws and some sealant. I then mounted the light to the lexan. Probably took me an hour or so to make the adapter plate along with the necessary holes and custom length screws. The light is mounted above my garage doors and is facing the street.
I live in a very suburban area. The houses on either side are about 100’ away from mine and my driveway is about 150’ long. I only mention this to illustrate that my installation is not close to anything which might create motion or activate the PIR sensor other than something in my driveway. I initially set the PIR sensor at max sensitivity. Based on what I read, that was supposed to be about 30’. I also set the small/large object setting to large. That is supposed to trigger only on large objects such as people and vehicles but not pets or other small objects. I set the light to auto mode so that it should only come on when the PIR sensor detects something large within 30’ or so of the sensor. By standing in the driveway I did verify that a 30-40’ range is about where the light triggered. Since that time I have steadily reduced the range, currently set at 50 percent, due to a lot of seemingly false triggering. I have the camera set to do continuous recording and I have reviewed the overnight footage for many nights. The camera does not reveal any objects, large or small, in its field of view which is at least as large as the PIR sensor but the PIR sensor triggers the light a large number of times during the night. The number varies but the light goes on from 5 to 12 times or more a night with no apparent object in view. I also have a camera in a different location which covers an even wider area and no moving objects are visible. I don’t know what is triggering the sensor but it definitely is not any large, or small, moving object. This false triggering may finally get me to remove the floodlight. If I could operate the lights manually through the wall switch, I would be happy but the wall switch also controls the power to the camera so that won’t work. I know I can control the light through the app but that is just too inconvenient.

The floodlights are nice and bright and I really like that the camera is powered by the light without having to run a power wire through the wall for the camera. The camera itself works well, just like my other V3 cameras. Other than that I am disappointed with the overall installation and use characteristics of floodlight part of this unit.


I also have some disappointment with the floodlight but am hopeful that some can be improved with revised software. My key suggestions are (a) visibility on the floodlight motion sensor — it would be great to see what is triggered in the app (e.g. which sector of the motion sensor) and how that changes with the sensitivity adjustment; (b) I would be excellent if the sensitivity could be adjusted separately for each sector rather than the option of just turning a sector off. (C) it just seems wrong that the floodlight turning on doesn’t generate a trigger event.