Wyze Floodlight 2nd camera issue

I have been experiencing an issue with the 2nd v3 camera I installed to my floodlight. The camera is connected to the integrated USB port on the floodlight. The camera is getting a good wireless signal and works for a few days before it stops working and displays “Device is offline (error code 90) .” The only way for me to fix the issue is to cycle the breaker that the floodlight is on since it is installed on the second floor. Has anyone else had an issue with adding a second camera?

[Mod Edit]: Title, tags and text modified to reference Floodlight vs Spotlight for clarity.

It it only happening to the second camera, or the floodlight camera as well. Does this happen to any other devices, or just that one? Is your network stable, often time if the devices go offline from a wifi issue they dont come back unless power cycled.

It only happens to this device. When I check the signal strength on the device info page, it displays 2 out of 3 bars. I would think if it was a signal issue the device that was farther away from my router would be impacted as well.

Yea it’s probably not a signal issue, but does your network drop out often? This could cause issues. Other than that I’m not sure, you could submit a log in the devices settings > Wyze support > Submit a log. Then contact support and give them your log number.

My router is fairly new and the statistics from that device show no network drops during the incidents the camera dropped.
I have already been through support for this issue. My case was closed with no resolution. I also submitted the device logs during that case. I was basically left with advice to wait for future firmware that may resolve the issue. I was just curious if this was an isolated incident that I am dealing with or if others have experienced this issue.

Sorry I couldn’t be of much help, it is a know issue with devices not coming back online after a network outage, can’t they have said around June they are hoping to have a fix for most devices. I haven’t heard too much about them dropping for no reason though… as long as you gave them those logs they will eventually get to them, so just wait for firmware updates…

Same issue here