Wyze Finally Works With Google Assistant!

@WyzeFrederik It’s been a bit over two months now since your last update on the Lenovo Smart clock casting issue. Asking mine to cast still says "Sorry, it looks like doesn’t support streaming from ", that’s both from a V2 and a V3 camera.

Let me pass the feedback to Google and see what they say.


So…any word on this yet? Lenovo smart clock still can’t stream from Wyzecams at all.

They said that it was not supported for the moment but they are looking into it.
Unfortunately, I don’t know what that means in terms of support. I will ask them again as it is usually progressing…

Sup folks. Been streaming my Wyze cam V3 to a nest hub V2 the last couple months. No lag, and works really well with occasional crashing. The last few days, after this aws thing, I can’t seem to get it to stream to the nest hub anymore. Anyone else experiencing issues? Any fix? Please and thanks

Hey Google, show me the doorbell.

Wyze-Cam black screen appears.

3 min later exits to home screen and nothing.

Wyze doesn’t really always work with Google assistant, would be better to provide full support for all existing devices before releasing any more products.

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Having the same problems with my V2 and V3 and Pan V1 & V2 plus my Wyze doorbell the same with google and Alexa black screen appears camera isn’t responding


My V2 & V3 cams stream no problem to either of my Google Nest Hubs. All’s been well here since Wyze got Google to implement their WebRTC (in August (?)). It takes a couple seconds to display the V3 image, a bit faster with the V2s. Alexa does the same last I checked.

Are the cams streaming to your Wyze app? How’s your firmware situation, all updated? There’s been new ones recently. Or try resetting the suspect cams by power cycling them. Or sever then reconnect the cams from the app.

Before WebRTC I had to fuss around with them but I still remember the gyrations. You could try power cycle the Hubs maybe. Mine go wonky sometimes late at night. Perhaps auto-updating.

If you do finally get a streamed image, check it’s via WebRTC by two finger zooming and drag panning. I remember @WyzeFrederik saying way back then there was a protocol list that was updating for implementing WebRTC. Becoming delisted (dunno if that happens) would need a wake up from Wyze.

G’Luck and Happy Holidays!

To follow up on this, I tried over the weekend and it took a long time to link up but when it finally did I was able to see very low latency video on my JBL Link View from my V2 camera. Seems like something has changed for the better!

Google Assistant will live stream my Outdoor Cams and V3s from my phone to my 70" Vizio TV but streaming to my Google Nest Hub is laughable as it takes several attempts and up to five minutes to achieve success. Even when it manages to connect, the screen times out after five minutes and you have to reconnect.

I don’t understand why Wyze is bragging up the Google Nest Hub and selling it in a bundle when it’s clearly not compatible.

In the days of smart home devices, you would assume it would be possible personalize your settings to split-screen multiple cams, change the screen timeout length, automatically pull up a cam feed when a cam detects motion or a doorbell, etc. Nothing is customizable.

For my purposes, the Google Nest Hub is useless and I will be returning the two I just purchased. I have Google Assistant on my phone and if I want a live stream, I can pull it up reliably from my phone. Driving to the store and purchasing these only to get home and discover they are useless then driving back to return them has been a waste of my time and resources and I’m disappointed with Wyze’s claims of compatibility and integration.

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The Nest Hub has been the keystone of the development of that integration and is being used by Google to validate that the integration is working properly.

I realized that your experience is very different from what most are experiencing. Unfortunately, since you have returned the product, it will be difficult to troubleshoot the problem and try to get a resolution. I will pass your feedback to Google but the first thing they will ask me is the MAC Id of the device having problems.

I haven’t put the Nest Hub back in the box to return it yet so I can still give you the MAC address however I think you misunderstood what I’m getting at.

After researching this topic on this forum and elsewhere on the internet, I dont think I am experiencing anything different than most. I’m not struggling with hardware issues, I’m struggling with the usefulness of this product. My phone does everything the Nest Hub does. What I want the Nest Hub to do, it simply does not have the functionality to do.

For example, streaming two V3 cams at the same time as baby monitors on the Nest Hub to free up my phone to do other things. My phone will stream four cams at once, Nest Hub streams one and even then goes to the Screensaver after so long with no options to change it.

So other than looking pretty sitting on my countertop, what does the Nest Hub do that my phone cannot do?

I can see where he’s coming from. I use the nest hub as a baby monitor also, but only have one v3 cam. If I had more then one set up, I would also expect to able to have both streams running on the hub split screen. Sometimes it runs great for hours on end, and sometimes I can’t get the stream to load on the nest hub unless I restart the camera either through the Wyze app or unplugging it. Another bothersome thing, when having the stream going, if I tell the nest hub to run a routine to dim the lights, it automatically goes back to ambient mode instead of going back to the stream, which is frustrating say the least. Not sure who’s end this falls under.
It’s the little things that matter. But, at least there is no more delay when viewing the camera like a few months back. It was really bad, like 15 seconds + delay on what the nest hub showed, and the app showed…

The only thing we can do is start a stream and send it to the device that requested the stream. Multi streams on a single screens is up to Google. This is not something we can do on our side, simply make a feature request on your behalf.
The switch to “live” streaming and not 15s delayed, we have started to work on it in December 2018 when I asked AWS to support WebRTC as part of the KVS work that they were doing for us (and other companies).

For the light bulbs getting back to a different level, we would have to see if those are Wyze bulbs or not and where the command to reset them is coming from. There might be an issue in the firmware, the Wyze Cloud or the Google Cloud. Hard to tell without more troubleshooting.

I have indeed misread. I’ve correlated Wyze pushing the Nest Hub, yet not having it working for you. That is a bad combination.

It is useful to troubleshoot only if you are able to keep it connected long enough for Google to troubleshoot but considering the holidays, I don’t have a good sense of when they will be able to look into it. Our main technical contact is currently on vacation.

As for the utility of the Nest Hub, I hear you and the most advanced and complete experience is going to be through the mobile app. This is true for pretty much the entire SmartHome industry. The Hub offers a different touch point with the end user, able to surface information differently. For example, it allows to see the camera without having to handle a phone. This could be valuable when timing is and issue or when you have your hands busy. One scenario is in the kitchen when you are cooking and might not want to handle your phone…
Ultimately this is up you and your use cases and I can see how this might not be a device that will bring you ease of use. I’m myself carrying my phone in the entire house so the most complete experience is always available but I do rely on my Echos and Nest Hub for some the operations.

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I understand and fully agree, that functionality needs to be taken up on Google’s end and I’m surprised they have not done so already to make their product more useful.

Thank you for explaining this to me though. The marketing campaign for the Google Nest Hub made it out to be this extremely helpful tool when as you said, it’s just a different touch point with less functionality than the app.

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Any update on doorbell integration with nest hub. My v2 and v3 just works fine even though it is slow to open but doorbell doesn’t work at all. I really need Wyze to integrate the doorbell with google products and especially if someone rings the door bell it should show up in nest hub

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I am having the same problem with my Wyze doorbell doesn’t work with google and Alexa all ways get a black screen with Wyze.com the rest of my Wyze V3 and Wyze Pan new version works fine