Wyze Finally Works With Google Assistant!

Sure. I’ had posted an update somewhere in the forum and I thought on this thread but I’m happy to do it again.

Google has found an issue in the implementation of WebRTC for the Lenovo devices and have addressed it. As of now, they have asked me to do some testing and let them know if there is still an issue, at which point, they will most likely ask for more info to be able to troubleshoot more precisely.


Thanks for writing back! I hope you’re not referring to the update you gave back on July 7th? If not, then I’m excited to see the results of your testing! Great work on getting the cams to work so well on the regular Google displays by the way, it’s awesome now.

No I believe it was only a few weeks ago. Not 2 months ago. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone. Dear, today I come home, turn on the Wyze Cam Pan and what do I see? I see that it works exactly the same on Google Home Hub Max as it did on v2. It now works all the time! Can you imagine, this is a great progress! Thank you very much for the great work the developers of Wyze and in particular WyzeFrederik and thank you very much to the developers from Google. Together you are strong! Thank you for appreciating your users and thank you for listening to requests. Regards to you! Keep it up!

With Google announcing that they are working on a Google Home desktop experience, this is the perfect time for wyze to work on the Google Home app live view integration to tie in with everything else since the Google home is the main app I use for everything in my house, https://twitter.com/madebygoogle/status/1443334968826949642


So, it’s been a little over a month since you were asked to test how wyzecams are working with Lenovo devices, any news? I still can’t stream to my Lenovo Smart Clock and would very much like to.

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Streaming is now working very well with my Lenovo Smart Display. It will run for hours without hiccupping.

Yes, I’m assuming that the Lenovo Smart Display is much more like the Nest Hub, so it probably always worked about as well as they did, and those run great now. The Lenovo Smart Clock, and maybe other devices, used to work, though poorly, before they implemented WebRTC and that is what we are waiting on a fix for.

Hi everyone. My Wyze Cam V2 finally works perfectly with the Google Nest Hub. No lag. No buffering. Perfect. BUT, the newer V3 doesn’t work! Why does the newer model have WORSE integration with Google?

My v3 work perfectly fine with google hub and google hub max only doorbell camera not supported which is stupid to me

Well, …I wouldn’t say that it totally works. In my case…I have to repeat a few times the (show or stream) command before I can get a picture on my tv. Most of the times I get a black screen, but when I finally get it to stream, it drops out between 4 seconds to 7 minutes later, It buffers a lot and lags about 30 - 40 seconds.

Have anyone had any problems with the Wyze doorbell because my doesn’t work with Alexa and google


Wyze doorbell not supported on Alexa and google and probably never will. Am totally disappointed by this too since I have there doorbell. I might drop Wyze all together and spend the money on nest cameras.

And more than likely will never work, like most of their other products. Buy the Nest cams and doorbell, they work like a charm. What you save in money you gain in frustration. Wyze keeps putting out unfinished products that are never fully realized. How many times do I have to tell people that.

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What a shame… Wyze started with economical and promising products, but their prices has been increasing and their products are not on par with the competition.

humbucker and prw123 , what are you saying?Have you personally done one and the other to improve the service?You’re just talking with your tongue!
Yes, I do not dispute that Wyze used to work with a Google product not very well, but with each update there are very noticeable changes.Previously, V2, v3 and Wyze Cam Pan worked for 10 minutes and constant delays of 15 seconds and buffering.And no one cried!And now we have made the viewing updates constantly and almost without delay!If you are so smart, offer your developer services, but I’m afraid it will take 10 years.I have products from Google and they are not perfect.

Yes, this used to be the case with V2, but it has since been updated to use a different streaming protocol. The V3 however still seems to use the old streaming protocol which lags and buffers. My V2 works like a dream, just wondering why the V3 can’t use the same technology for a constant stream with no lag or buffering.

I appreciate finding this thread and learning that it’s not just me who is experiencing long delays in seeing the V3 cam on a Google Nest Hub. I thought I was doing something wrong, I’m tempted but not anxious to replace it with a battery-powered Nest Cam, but at $240 CDN the Nest product is a big bite.

Does anyone know how to make the Nest Hub ‘wake up’ when the V3 cam is sending out notifications?

:frowning: Just got through a lengthy chat with Google Tech Help and it will be a long time coming (if ever) that Wyze person detection will ever generate a Visitor Announcement on the Google Nest Hub.

We’ll have to wait and see if Wyze and Google can work together to really make it ‘finally work’ … I’m assuming that Google has much financial incentive to push GHome and GNest buyers to stay within the GEcosystem.

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