Wyze Finally Works With Google Assistant!

Just tried my google hub this morning again asked google to show me the car Park still the same get black screen saying Smart Home Camera all off my Wyze cameras V2 and Wyze Pan and Wyze Outdoor Cam plus I have pre-ordered the Wyze Video door I hope I don’t have the same issue like I did when I pre-ordered the Wyze Outdoor Cam


Yes my cameras aren’t showing at all in Google Home, just my lights and plugs. :thinking:

Is this strictly supposed to be for v2 cams? If so, why? And what can I do with my v1

I believe that V2s, Pans, and WCOs will work (eventually) with Google Nest Hub so we can view a live feed on the screen. Not sure about V1s (because V1 technology and hardware are
getting kind of old) … but think a V1 would look great on the bottom of a fish tank. Give the fish something to swim around and explore. Just a thought (and hopefully you know I’m joking!)

Just checked my Wyze cameras V2 and Pan and the outdoor cam still not working with google hub now I am getting SORRY IT LOOKS LIKE THE STEAM IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FROM CAR PARK all the rest of my cameras say the same Wyze is not listing they have the problem they are not fixing the issue getting the cameras to work with google my cameras use to work with google right now I want be buying any products from Wyze because off this issue plus I will be canceling 2 off my pre-orders from them like the doorbell guarantee want work with google and the Wyze headphones Wyze wants our money and don’t care if will have any problems with they products


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All I want to be able to do is turn on/off my cam V2s and on/off notifications without using/paying for IFTTT Pro. I currently can’t do this with my Google Assistant. I don’t care to view a stream of my camera from my TV. If I need to view anything it will be from my phone when I get an alert.

I get that nothing in programming is simple and thus I have patiently waited for resolution. The addition of a cost to IFTTT has given rise to my frustration over the lack of Google integration. Not enough of a problem, I guess, because I pre-ordered the doorbell cam, though now I have to decide if I want to pay for person detection per camera on my growing number of cameras.

The primary reason may of us bought into the Wyze Community was because of the low barrier to entry. I have enjoyed the devices but my frustration with the services, or lack thereof, continues to grow. Please do more with Google Home Automation.

Thank you.


same trouble here, not show any camera on google display

Yea Yea Yea We have only had over a thousand people on this forum already state that its now getting old just get use to it. Who knows if they will ever fix it


Same issue loading cameras on Google Home Hub Max.

Did I mention that my cameras wont load on Google displays?

Anyone experiencing issues
Please look at the “service status and known bugs” section.

This is a frequently updated and great information source.

Over a year and a half just to find the problem? Thats just a way to say “we will start to take this serious from now”…
At least they made this problem official, but with zero extra or new info… we just have to keep waiting blindly…

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We’re sorry and we understand the frustration. This is one of those things that we wouldn’t be able to find without the Google team’s help. Now that we know what the problem is, it will hopefully be easier to fix. But this is still probably one we can’t fully resolve without Google’s help since there actually was a change on their end.


To all those complaining, what they’re trying to say is that Google’s prioritization of a third party company’s one-off issue, whom they make no money from, is about as high as you having an issue with Gmail on your iphone and wanting the time of their development team, at likely many hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in labor and lost productivity; basically next to nothing. Wyze is basically willing to work towards redeveloping the basis for how their video feeds fundamentally work to resolve this issue for us all, and all so your subscription free $39 camera will support a feature outside of it’s primary purpose and which likely is only used by a very small niche of its user base. I think they’re doing just fine personally.

People ,get YI camera , it works with google hub and also very fast response ! I heard enough excuses . It is not a google issue .


They will keep telling you it’s fixed or will be fixed as to not deter future sales. Save your breath and frustration, move on. Yi works great.

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I keep reading the replies in this thread and am astounded at how people are acting. I’m sure that Gwendolyn and Frederick share your frustration in this not working. The thing is they are the face of Wyze here and it’s got to be very challenging navigating all of these negative comments and non-constructive posts. I am 100% certain with my previous interactions with both that they are doing everything they can to resolve the issue. It seems that some folks posting here believe it’s a quick easy fix, but at the end of the day, if it was it would already be resolved. A little patience will go a long way. Or move on to a new device. I agree that it stinks that works with google is claimed and it’s not actually working as expected, but at the end of the day, if that’s the deal breaker for you then move on. I’m sure that it won’t be the first time or the last time that you have had to take a bit of a loss to move on from something, and maybe there’s a middle of the road solution that Wyze can offer to those who reported issues during warranty periods / return periods of GA not working, and that could help, but I just wish that some people would think before they respond.

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Most users here have patiently waited over a year for a fix so they have had time to think about their comments.

My frustration lies in the way this was handled. Ignored and pushed off. There was no concern about this on Wyze’s end, or at least the faces of Wyze didn’t seem to show it here. I offered videos of why was happening (when we were told it was working) but I was not taken up on my offer.

Something like this should not have taken this long to:
A. Be acknowledged
B. Taken Responsibility
C. Provide accurate and timely updates
D. Be corrected

This was handled poorly from the start.


I’ve patiently waited just as long, and my use case is as a baby monitor. I’ve always received responses, and of course the issues escalated here to the point that we’re getting the responses on the specific project for fixing the issue. I really don’t believe it was ignored or not acknowledged when I initially reported it, I got a response that it was under review and was definitely acknowledged at that time over a year ago. I don’t believe I’ve seen a single lie from anyone on the wyze side, can you elaborate?

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