Wyze exposed personal data for millions!

Excellent Wyze :clap:t3::clap:t3: Stellar way to conduct business, only question is WHY?!
Sincerely, pissed off!

OH and don’t come AT me for this, contact Apple.

Hmmm appears you joined 12/23 and your only post is this?

By absolutely ignoring all facts one can easily be a self avowed expert.

@Vancity23 my only post is that :point_up_2:t3:, what?

@gemniii, ignoring what facts?

@Vancity23 still confused, my only post? I’ve posted 3-4 things since I joined , do explain. Thanks for adding my profile though.

I think I said first post but maybe that was not correct.

@Vancity23 no it wasn’t! Before you come at me, please no your what you’re talking about.

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You need to find a better way to look. It’s all over.

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Here you go. I do the work for ya.

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