Wyze Events to Trigger Alexa Alert (Like Ring)

Ring has a feature that when it determines motion it can send Alexa (all models) a voice message that is uttered immediately. This happens to all the Echoes in my house.

Would like Wyze Cam to do the same.

I would guess that Amazon has this skill locked down to Ring, but who knows?

The way I look at it, if Ring can do it, it shows that it is possible.

I did find a skill called “Notify Me” that I can use IFTTT to trigger a notification. But that just turns on the yellow ring on Alexa and you have to ask for your notifications.

I am also researching information from
someone that said they got it to work through Smartthings’ “Ask Alexa” and LANnouncer. Haven’t figured that one out yet.

Possible? Yes. Will Amazon allow it? Unknown.

Remember, Amazon owns Ring.

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When ever a door is open or closed and motion is detected the Notification comes through the Alexa speaker cents it doesn’t have the audio capability’s on the sensors. Oh and the ability to turn on and off that feature.

There is only one way I know for Alexa to announce something “unbidden” when a PIR sensor is triggered.

Smart Things can trigger an Alexa announcement when a switch is activated. You can create a virtual switch in Smart Things that will change when a PIR sensor is triggered.

It’s a hacky way of getting Alexa to announce something and it involves setting up a Smart Things server, adding the action to it, and buying a compatible PIR sensor. The Sense is not likely to be compatible, now or in the near future, but I don’t know that for sure because I don’t have one.

I’d like some sort of alert through my Echo Plus when the contact sensor is tripped. Not sure Amazon allows this.

Something like cellar door open or mailbox open.

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I’m the author of the Echo Speaks integration on Smartthings.

I’m not 100% certain how to use the events from Wyze yet to trigger an event from ST. Maybe IFTTT?


Want to be able to have the wise cam send a notification and alert me in Alexa if there is sound or motion sensed by the camera. We have a handicapped adult son and want something better than a standard on all the time baby sound monitor. Assume it would do this but all it does is allow you to watch or listen with a request on the Echo Spot.

I am very interested in this ability too. If any of my doors/windows open at night I want Alexa to “ring” or something that wakes me up. I was hoping to do this with the echo dot. Any suggestions on how to make this work with IFTTT?

Alexa Notifications and Alexa announcements are NOT the same thing. To be clear, what this is requesting is ANNOUNCEMENTS, not notifications. Notifications is already possible with NotifyMe. Motion announcements are what Ring uses.

Are announcements possible?

Currently, no they are not possible. I’ve voted for this to be implemented. Integrating wyze sense with Alexa would also make this and many other routines possible.

I have a d-link camera that, when it detects motion, can tell Alexa. Alexa will then announce “motion detected at the front door.” I was able to enable this service through the d-link alexa skill.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to do with my wyze camera, motion sensor, or contact sensors? It’s very convenient, especially if you are waiting for someone to arrive.

Thank you, I am new to Wyze products.


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Hey, folks!

The integration with Wyze Sense technically isn’t released yet so that’s why we have been pretty quiet about it. What you’re accessing is pretty much an early stage beta test. So we hope you have fun and enjoy it! But be careful not to rely on it at this stage since it’s not fully stable yet. :slight_smile:


Cool! It seems to work great so far. I hope that’s coming for the cameras, too. Specifically motion and person detection triggers. :slight_smile:

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That link is already showing here right above your post