Wyze Error Codes (table)

List of Wyze camera error codes:

Error code Description How to resolve
-90 Device offline or not connected to server See ‘Connectivity’ Troubleshooting
-42 Failed to setup connection See ‘Connectivity’ Troubleshooting
10003 Authentication failure Restart camera and Wyze app
-20011 Connection timed out See ‘Connectivity’ Troubleshooting
-60 Cannot connect to the server See ‘Connectivity’ Troubleshooting
-41 Network is unreachable See ‘Connectivity’ Troubleshooting
10001.2 Camera is being upgraded Please wait 5 minutes, then try again. If the camera shows a solid blue light but is offline, try power-cycling the camera.
-20010 Invalid session channel Please try forcing close/quitting the Wyze app, then re-open
-20027 Channel is being used by other devices on the network Please try power-cycling the camera. If this does not work, try factory resetting the camera.
-20002 Max number of channels reached
10003 Firmware operation failure Please try factory resetting the camera. It this does not work, a manual firmware flash will be needed.
27 A client stops connecting to a device by calling IOTC_Connect_Stop() Attempt to reconnect to the camera in the app, or close/quit app, then re-open app and attempt to reconnect to the camera. Submit a log if the issue persists.
0 Connection failed Please connect your mobile device to a different network or try again.
2 Connection failed Please check your mobile device’s network connection.
20 Connection failed Please try power-cycling the camera.
06 Failed to fetch video from cloud Please try logging out of the Wyze app, then logging back in. Return to your Events, then try to load the video again. Submit a log if the issue persists.
-1004 Failed to update device list Please make sure you are connected to the internet or mobile data. If the issue occurs with internet/mobile data connection, try deleting and reinstalling the Wyze app.
400 Request failed: Bad request Please make sure you are connected to the internet or mobile data.
-1 Failed to update device list Please make sure you are connected to the internet or mobile data. If the issue occurs with internet/mobile data connection, try deleting and reinstalling the Wyze app.
3044 Requests Too Frequent Please submit a log and Contact Wyze customer support as your IP address may have been blocked(more information here) A possible temporary fix for this issue would be to use your mobile data connection instead.

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Do you have any solution clues for error code 10?
I have had it for several months at a frequency of 3-4 events (12sec) per day. I still have access to my SD card if I need to see the event so it’s not a big deal. IOs 12.x.x and iOS 14.4.2

Are you still seeing this issue?
What type of camera(s) is this on?
Have you tried closing and reopening the Wyze app?

To me it is an iOS 12 issue. Are you running iOS 12? I’ve reported this as it occurs on a great many of my alerts, but no action to report.


I don’t have seen this issue since 2-3 weeks. It happened on the pans, v2s and v3s.


Any idea about error code -68? I get this code for wyzecam pan and v2 when accessing through Android phone app. Working fine on my iphone where I have the wyze beta app.


Damm even I am having a similar kind of issue, I have searched all over the internet and even have posted on number of threads on different forum, no solution seems to work. I am really frustrated, can anyone of you here help me resolve this issue, I am very much tired now.

This morning I saw a -1009 error code while trying, unsuccessfully, to restart my v3 cam. I don’t see that code on the list. When I checked for events (I have two v3 cameras and the other one is working fine), I encountered a -1004 “failed to update device list” message. My final observation is that the activation date listed in Device Information for the dead cam is 12/31/1969. Any recommendations for how to remotely get my dead cam back online?

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wow 1969

It was a good year – but I didn’t own a Wyze camera then!

Update: Suddenly the live stream on the misbehaving cam started back up without any voodoo on my part. The activation date is back to 06/26/2021.
Another update: I was once again transported back to Dec. 31, 1969. Although I am seeing a feed from the camera, the Notifications toggle keeps turning itself off, which means no events are being logged.
What I hope is the final update: The camera has teleported back to 2021. Streaming is working, Notifications are working, and Events are being posted. I hope this state of affairs is permanent!



I’m also getting this on my Amazon Fire (2019) running V2.21.12 with one V2 FW 4.9.7,798.
Same cam works with my Android Galaxy’s running 2.23.21.

Got a new one for you: 3044 RequestsTooFrequent aka Rate limit exceeded and IP address banned/suspended (put on probation).

Wyze recently experimented with instituting a new Rate limit per IP address because some Home Assistant connections were polling the service excessively, so those who exceeded the rate limit test were being suspended from the server. Wyze unbanned everyone and gave a bunch of communication on the issue, but if 3044 ever shows up, it would be a good one to add into this Error code list now that we know what it means. :slight_smile: