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To show our gratitude to our most loyal customers, we are starting the Wyze Early Access Program: a launch pad for all our future products and available exclusively inside the Wyze app. With Early Access, you will have the opportunity to get new Wyze products before they’re officially available.

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I tried ordering a Sense kit. It says Payment Failed, I click on Check Status, and it goes back to the screen with the order and the Pay button. I can’t tell what the problem was. Order #352062. (And it was really slow getting back to the order screen.)

then I went back to the main Order Status page. It shows the order with Payment Pending, but there’s no Pay button when I go to the actual order.

Maybe I never ordered through the app before, but I noted these issues.

The fields for Name, Address, etc. did not auto-capitalize the first letter.

When I started typing my address (the number 4), other addresses popped up as auto-completes.I think you’re scanning your whole database of addresses and suggesting them to us. You shouldn’t be showing us other people’s addresses.

Can you try updating to the latest version to check if you can place it successfully?

The shop is down, I can’t access it, error 504 Gateway Time-out

I have 2.2.30. I don’t see any further updates.

Same here. I was all the way to confirming my Sense order and it timed out. Now, I get the gateway error.

We are currently updating our servers to accommodate the increased volume of traffic we are receiving. We apologize if anyone is having issues with ordering off of the Shop in the app but we are working on it currently to get this issue resolved.
We will keep you updated as we continue to resolve this issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up, i was almost hitting the button to place the order and i crash, hope i could get my hands on one kit haha.

I just get Gateway Time out :frowning:

Try again. I just got it to go through.

I get no option for shipping to Canada, is this offer US only?

I manage to order, thanks!

Got it to go through put in the order. Get order creation failed.
Tried again, entered all the CC stuff again, hangs at address this time, say check state and zip.
/edit - tried on another device - won’t let me order two.

Thanks for letting us know gemnii. Are you in the production version of the app of the Beta?

If you are in production, can we have you try double checking the CC information and the address to make sure they match the information on your CC.

After that if you are still having issues placing an order, can you try closing out of the app completely and going back in and retrying to place that order.

If you are still having problems after you try the above steps, please let us know.

I’m in Beta.
Apparently there is a limit of one or less :frowning:

Thanks for letting us know gemnii. I would suggest trying to place your order in the production version of the app. It should be working but if you have any issues placing that order or get another error, please let us know.

I don’t have the production version. I don’t know of any way to just mash a button and have the production version. And I would prefer not to uninstall then try to reload. Thanks anyways.

I tried again just a bit ago and apparently it went through, This was with the same beta app I was using the other times.

Most likely. Hoping Wyze offers the Sense kit for Canadians as well. Or maybe Amazon.ca

Not able to order either from europe :confused: