Wyze Doorbell


Thos company did a great job with their indoor camera. All they need to do is take that same technology and make a doorbell with the camera on it and just figure a way to intergrate it with the doorbell wires like ring and nest and not have to pay 150 and up for it.


I have my Wyze cam right over my front door and it works super as a door bell except the bell but when people approach my front door and knock on the door or ring my old $15 bell I can see them and talk to them through the Wyze cam and it only cost me $20. It would be nice if they could make a similar product like ring for $20 but that is not possible or needed if you place your camera in the right place. Mine is set just above the front door outside under the door canopy which protects it from the weather and the power come from an outside wall light no construction necessary just running a wire. Try it.

Good luck and thanks to Wyze for such an amazing product with such high resolution and above all for the incredible price! I’m planning in buying 3 more to cover the other sides of my house. IT WOULD BE NICE IF THEY COULD INCREASE THE WIDE LENS VIEW BY AT LEAST 10 TO 15 DEGREES TO SEE THE WHOLE FRONT WITH JUST ONE CAMERA.



Wyze, please make a doorbell cam!!!


I agree. A doorbell cam would be a great addition to your product line, and make such a device easier to install by using the existing doorbell wiring.


Yes for doorbell please!


Hello @Wajo357, make sure that you head over to the link I’m going to post and vote for this by clicking the blue box at the top of the page.




Yes, I found the thread immediately after commenting on this one. Thanks


No problem :grin: